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Unfollow Your Midterm Distractions IRL

The general vibe on my campus currently can be described by imagining the sound of car brakes exerting their full force followed by car crash made in a Hollywood sound studio. Midterms and rain are here to stay on campus and will linger for two weeks with distractions abound.

It can be hard to deal with distractions while studying for a midterm, writing an article or going to labs when all you want to do is stay home in bed and snuggle up to Netflix.  It is already hard enough to block out the news coming at us from all apps and angles.

However, becoming less distracted can be done and it does not have to be as painful as locking yourself away in a library study room, although it might help. 

Create a Personal Study Space

To get your head in the game and your brain in the zone, being in the right atmosphere can go a long way. If you are too comfortable at home, go to a library or coffee shop where you can plug your headphones in and listen to a white noise app or classical music. If you can work at home that is also great, but make sure your study space suits your needs as a student.

Put Down That Phone

We spend more time attached to our phones than with loved ones these days, but when it is time to study or if you are working on a deadline, you and your phone need to go on a break. If you have a hard time separating, using an app like the Forest App will help reduce your dependence while providing an incentive to stay off your phone longer.

Write a To-Do List and Prioritize

Midterms, projects and finals feel like they creep up and then bury you all at once. Provide yourself a mental shovel by writing down all of your tasks that you need to accomplish, no matter how mundane, and prioritize to the best of your ability. Keeping this list as your screen saver also helps remind you of upcoming deadlines and can provide a nice little reminder to not go on your phone and fall into the Instagram rabbit hole.

Treat Yo’self

You have to give yourself credit where credit is due! Make sure you schedule breaks and celebrate life’s little victories. Every time you cross off an item, give yourself some love and recognize your perseverance.

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