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Tips to Stay Organized During Zoom University

If you have a lot on your plate, it is important to stay organized. I have a couple of tips to stay organized so that you can hopefully use them for the new year.

Sticky Notes

Being able to cross things off on a physical list gives you a sense of accomplishment and brings you closer to finishing the tasks for the day. Usually, I plan my week using large size sticky notes. On Sunday, I check what assignments and tasks are going to be due for the week and jot them down on a sticky note. Assignments can include readings, quizzes, discussion boards and even papers. If it is a big assignment, such as a 5-page research paper, I would split the work throughout the week so that I won’t stress myself out on one assignment. It is much easier to get the work done when the assignments are split into different days.

Physical Planner

In my bullet journal, I have a spread titled “[month] Assignments.” This gives me an overview of what assignments are due for the month and what I need to get done. Since professors provide the syllabus towards the beginning of the semester, I usually put down the assignments on my planner in order to prepare and also to figure out the amount of workload I would have for the month. Everyone has a different organizational style, depending on if you prefer to have a physical or digital planner.

Laptop Sticky Notes

If your laptop has digital sticky notes, use them! Now that everything's online, including classes, we always utilize our laptops 24/7. I put a class for each sticky note instead of all on one whole sticky note. I tend to add the assignments due for the week and delete the assignment every time I complete the task. This is just another great way to stay organized, similar to using physical sticky notes.

Google Calendar

I can’t forget about Google Calendar. What’s great about it is that it’s easily accessible on your phone as well as your laptop when you download the app. If you love colors, this is for you, as each own calendar has its own color. I personally use it to put events, class dates and major class assignments and exams. For each class, I create its own calendar with a different color. Ever since I discovered the greatness of Google Calendar, I have been relying on it ever since, and sometimes, I even like to just look at it.


Keep in mind that everyone has a different organizational style and this may not work for you. Hopefully, these tips will help you stay more organized during the next semester!

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