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SJSU Resources That You May Not Have Heard About

Going to SJSU comes with many benefits and one of those is the numerous resources that they offer to us as students. Unfortunately, many students go through their education at SJSU not knowing about these resources. I am going to share the best resources that our university offers! There are many more, but these are some that I find very beneficial. Most of these are also currently available and adapting remotely, so you are still able to access them at home.

1. SJSU Sammy App: This is SJSU’s app where students connect with one another through buying/selling things, promoting their clubs, etc. This app also has upcoming events that the school and Associated Students are holding. You can also join specific club groups to learn more about them! Another good feature on the app is the Campus Map, in case you are ever lost and need to get somewhere unfamiliar on campus. This is an app that every SJSU student needs to stay updated and connect with their peers!

2. Career Center: The Career Center is a good way to get a headstart on your career. They are there to guide you through your goals and aspirations. On the website, you will see that they offer career guides and give you access to Career Fairs and Events. You can also meet with a career counselor for guidance and if you are having trouble with anything.

3. Handshake: Handshake has an app and a website where you can apply to jobs in your area and on-campus. On Handshake, you can find internships, part-time or full-time jobs easily. It is also connected with the SJSU Career Center that I mentioned above, showing all the events going on such as job fairs. There is also a “Community” feature where you can view other students at SJSU and where they work, so it’s easy to contact your peers if you want to get information about a certain job.

4. CAPS: CAPS stands for Counseling and Psychological Services and this where you can go if you are struggling with mental health issues or you need someone to talk to in a crisis. They provide all of these services:

Make an appointment here and follow their Instagram to stay updated on their events!

5. Peer Connections: Peer Connections supports students through tutoring, mentoring, supplemental instruction, learning assistants, and student success events in an inclusive, welcoming environment. It serves as a university-wide resource for the promotion of peer learning and retention. These are the services that they offer and they are all FREE:

  • Tutoring for classes you may be struggling with
  • Mentoring for help with time-management, note-taking, critical thinking, listening, and reading skills as well as adjusting to life at SJSU.
  • Supplemental Instruction for subjects that are required but have a higher failure rate, in which a student who receives a failing grade may have delayed progress in their major.
  • The Learning Assistance Program has small group in-class activities where students share their thinking, support each other and reflect together on each other’s ideas and learn collaboratively.

Make a virtual appointment here and follow their Instagram!

6. Writing Center: If you need help editing or writing anything, the writing center is here for you. For example, if you are having trouble writing an essay for a class, you can go to them for help. They offer one-on-one tutoring sessions as well as writing workshops. There is also an “ask a tutor” live chat service where you can ask their tutors brief live questions at scheduled times when the tutors are available. You don’t need an appointment for this service.

7. Late-Night Tutoring: From 8 PM-12 AM on Sunday-Wednesday, the Library offers free tutoring for the following classes:

  • Biology 10
  • Biology 30-31
  • Chemistry 1A/B
  • Chemistry 30A/B
  • Math 8
  • Math 19
  • Math 30–32
  • Math 71
  • Physics 50

They currently have Zoom sessions and no appointments are required! Check out their late-night tutoring guide for information on each subject with timings.

Whether you are struggling with a class, need help with time-management during online learning, struggling with writer’s block, want some career advice, etc., SJSU is here to help you with all of these incredible resources!


My name is Sachi and I'm a Marketing Major at SJSU and I love photography, going on new adventures, and doing anything creative!
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