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Remaining Positive through Uncertain Times

Last year, there were many times I felt as though I was reliving the same day over and over again. On the more difficult days, there were times when I genuinely did not know what to think or even feel. As the year went on, I  learned more about myself and discovered what truly brought me happiness.  

Last year, I rediscovered my love for reading. I forgot how much I lost myself in whatever I was reading, and how that made me feel. I found a variety of new tropes and themes in books that I have gained a newfound interest in. 

This form of self-care also pushed me to start going out to local bookstores when I was in need of a new book. One of my favorite things to do every month is to go out to a new coffee shop and bookstore to take some time for myself. This is something I genuinely find myself looking forward to doing once a month. 

While I understand that reading is not for everyone, I truly believe that everyone can find something that they enjoy. It may be the simplest thing, but doing something that makes you happy every day can make all the difference. 

I know that sometimes looking for the best on days that are tough is not easy. Sometimes I can’t find the best on those days, and they are hard. I just have to remind myself they do come to an end eventually, and when they do, days will start to get better. 

I hope this article doesn’t just help you try to find the best on hard days but also helps you realize you are not alone in this and how you are feeling. One of my favorite bookstores to visit is the Recycle Bookstore located in Downtown Campbell. They are definitely on the smaller side, but the shelves are stacked with hundreds of books for every genre.

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Hi my name is Anjali! I am a junior at San Jose State University with a major in Business Administration. I continue to love reading and writing articles for this amazing organization!
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