Open Letter: To Those Experiencing Senioritis

To those who are currently weary of your final days of college. The countdown may be real, but it's important to remember a few things. No matter what semester you graduate (spring, summer or fall) remember that YOU ARE ALMOST DONE.


Be sure to think about all of the good times you have had in college and appreciate the memories which may be hard versus the all-nighters and long study nights. Remember that you are at the final push in obtaining your degree and that your overall goal is almost complete. Aside from being uneasy and feeling nervous about not being “as interested” in school, keep in mind that the future is something to most definitely feel confident about.

Be optimistic about being done and remember that it will be completely worth it in the end. I have most definitely had a moment of where I did not feel inspired and felt like the finish line wasn’t close enough. The best thing you can do is communicate with your professors about your current condition and also see how you can do better at your current classes.


Since my downward slump, I have been able to redeem myself and I have found a new way to stay inspired. It's by remembering my real purpose of why I came to college in the first place. I know that imaginary weight on your shoulders may be hard to dismiss, but remember to keep pushing through the most difficult of time


Originally I had no plan to attend college, but as I began this long process I surely realized that it had changed my life for the better. Being able to learn about a variety of topics that have included politics, sociology and philosophy I now have a new way of thinking about life. Expanding my mind after coming out of high school has been my biggest accomplishment so far. College has also given me skills through a major that I never thought I would become interested in.


Learning the skills to become a journalist has been the most unique for me thus far, and going into my field in the future is something that I am most definitely proud of.The weight may continue but know that getting through college is a major accomplishment within itself. Continue working hard at gaining experience and working towards your dreams, it may seem hard but combating this mental block is only temporary.



It may sound easy to write this in a letter but being helpful to others has recently gave me a rejuvenation and I am currently hoping I can inspire you to do the same. College can be very exhausting but in the end your experiences and lessons is exactly what has molded you into the intelligent individual you are today, keep up the good work. Good luck if you are in your final weeks or are within months of your graduation!

Congratulations class of 2017.