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How to Transition from Summer Break to All-Online Classes

When many San Jose State University students logged off of their final zoom class meetings last spring semester, the change from online classes to summer break was the lack of pre-planned online meetings.

Now, the opposite is happening.

Going from summer break to online classes is somewhat difficult as the free time you grew accustomed to is replaced with work and learning through a screen. I decided to rip the band-aid off early and enrolled in the second summer session at SJSU. These are the tips and methods of success I gathered from beginning a term all-online.

1. Memorize Your Schedule

I only took one class during the summer session, but I know that if I had taken more I would have forgotten at least one meeting. Know when your classes will meet and how the meeting will be conducted. Some professors post pre-recorded videos while others prefer zoom. Definitely familiarize yourself with this before the first day of instruction begins.

2. Check Your Emails and Canvas Notifications

I used to loathe emails, but now I rely on them heavily for information about class. It’s also important to make sure that your Canvas notifications are being sent to your email. If not, you could miss out on crucial announcements about test dates or assignments.

3. Invest in a Calendar or Planner and Keep Up With It

My reliance on technology during online classes made me overwhelmed every time I opened my laptop. While you can still rely on your devices to store important dates and information, I found it helpful to write down these pieces of information instead of typing them. Get a planner, or maybe buy that really cute calendar you saw on Pinterest that one time.

4. Become Acquainted With Your Professors

A major part of the new semester is getting to meet your new professors, but it’s hard to do so through a screen. Participate in class, especially when the professor is asking a question and no one is responding. The professor will begin to recognize your name, and this will make communicating with your instructor easier on your end. Small talk may be awkward, but even a semblance of a relationship will aid in your success as asking for help or clarification becomes easier.

5. Have a Space Dedicated to School

I never had a space dedicated to schoolwork. I spent the last half of the spring semester attending classes from the dining room. However, before the summer session began, I knew that the best way for me to succeed was to have a space in my room that was meant for getting work done. I moved a desk that I had and renovated an old chair from my parents’ backyard and made an area designated for zoom meetings and homework. It has helped me stay focused during class and helps me finish work quicker.

6. Get Enough Sleep

Am I going to sound like your mother? Yes. It doesn’t matter though, because I found that in order to do well, sleep is extremely important. Just as it does for in-class instruction, getting a good night’s sleep helps you focus better.

The upcoming fall semester is new in many aspects, but its novelty does not mean that it will be more difficult. You got this.

Hey! I'm Christina. I'm a third-year journalism major who loves crystals, vinyl records, houseplants, and the Sims 4.
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