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Enumerated in Dr. Gary Chapman's book, The 5 Love Languages, are 5 different methods of receiving and expressing love in relationships: acts of service, physical touch, quality time, receiving gifts, and words of affirmation. Taking the time to understand your love language and your loved ones’ love languages can strengthen your communication and improve satisfaction in a relationship by curating your expressions of love in a way your partner feels the most loved and appreciated by.

Similarly, you can apply your love language to best love yourself and for fostering a healthy relationship with yourself. Just as you are not limited to one love language, your love language in relationships in comparison to your self-care love language can vary and differ. In this article, we explore the different kinds of love languages and how they may look like when applied to taking care of yourself. It will help you explore different self-care activities that work best for loving you!  


The 5 Love Languages and how they apply to your self-care routine:

     - Acts of Service- Actions that assist in tasks that can help lighten your load.

     - Physical touch- Actions that help your physical body feel better and rejuvenated.

     - Quality time- Reserving and spending time with yourself.

     - Receiving Gifts- Treating yourself and indulging yourself in activities/items that make you feel the happiest.

     - Words of Affirmation- Verbal acknowledgment and words of encouragement that make you feel loved.

Acts of Service Ideas:

     - Create to-do lists

     - Plan and schedule your week ahead

     - Arrange and organize your space, so that it is comfortable for you

     - Create and indulge in a self-care package for yourself

     - Schedule activities with loved ones

     - Set a routine

Physical Touch Ideas:

     - Stretch

     - Exercise

     - Practice yoga

     - Establish a skincare routine

     - Take a nice long bubble bath

     - Maintain a balanced diet

     - Get a good night’s sleep

     - Meditate

Quality Time Ideas:

     - Practice your favorite hobby

     - Engage in a new hobby

     - Watch a movie/tv show

     - Attend a virtual museum/theme park/zoo tour

     - Learn a new skill

     - Paint night

     - Read a book (You can borrow eBooks from the library on Overdrive.)

     - Write a poem or book

     - Start an online book club with a friend

     - Reconnect with someone you love

     - Spend time with pets

     - Color with adult coloring books

     - Find an online recipe to bake or cook

     - Make a playlist for you and your friends

Receiving Gifts Ideas:

     - Spoil yourself with gifts

     - Order take-out

     - Use sheet masks

     - Take a relaxing bath with bath bombs, essential oils, candles

     - Indulge in some sweets

Words of Affirmation Ideas:

     - Make an affirmations jar

     - Make a gratitude jar

     - Journal and write about your day

     - Compliment yourself

     - Write down 3 things that went well for you each day

     - Listen to a podcast

May Lu

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Hello! My name is May! I love educating myself and others about our communities and how we can better support one another! In the future, I envision myself to be continuously working towards a more equitable, supportive, and empowering future for my community and many marginalized groups as their ally.
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