Are New Year's Resolutions Necessary?

Every year people create an extensive list of ideas that they have for the following year. Usually these lists consist of things that they’d like to work on, or do better at also known as ‘New Year’s Resolutions’.  

Dating back to about 4,000 years ago, the ancient Babylonians created the idea of what we see today as a opportunity to make improvements.

Although their new year did not begin on the first day of January, a particular practice that they followed is somewhat similar.

According to, a religious festival that lasted 12-days (known as Akitu) occured in March and a new king was crowned. Promises for the new year were made, and any items that were borrowed were returned.

These promises were passed down through ancient Rome and also seen in some practices of Christianity. Today, many people only make promises to themselves using the popular saying “New year, new me.”

Are these resolutions really necessary and what happens when we don’t follow them?

Yes, New Year’s Resolutions are Necessary.

Yes, new years resolutions could be used in a positive manner when focused on properly. Most people seem to conflict with making simple promises to themselves and feel that it can be done simply. Through my very own experience, one that I always attempt to make is to eat healthier and to lose weight.

This resolution is difficult because many people make this a priority for themselves and pack millions of gyms throughout the country. One issue that comes is that these people usually flood the gym but are gone by April, which proves they do not usually stick with their plans.

While it is good to make a decision to make improvements in life, it would be best to stick with your particular plans, writing them down and executing them throughout the entire year would seem to be more helpful.

NO, Resolutions are a waste of time and are unnecessary!

It’s completely understandable if you believe that resolutions are not necessary. Self work is something that should be focused on every year, but to have a rearranged process is not.

Fresh ideas for improvement is nice, but to be able to steadily work on yourself each year might be a better approach. Self work is a lifelong practice, in fact many people look into working with Reiki masters in order to clear their minds and to development further adjustments in their lives.

Known as a Japanese technique to relieve stress, many people turn to masters to help them work on being happier and healthier.

Sometimes finding better techniques when it comes to establishing new year’s resolutions may be a better option for those who tend to struggle with being consistent.

What is your personal approach when it comes to approaching your life? How?