Advice: Steps to Breaking Through Heartbreak

It’s easy to say that not caring about a situation is the best way to get through things. But we all know that additional thoughts and emotions come with dealing with letting someone go.When dealing with break-ups, we all listen to songs that sometimes help us cope, but it usually doesn’t seem like enough, this is when a breakthrough becomes necessary.

Google the word breakthrough, you’ll get about two different types of definitions but the first one really sticks out.

It reads: “A sudden, dramatic, and important discovery or development.”

This can relate to any type of relationship in your life that might’ve been lost. It’s important to let go of situations in life that may be holding you back, and if it’s something that is affecting your health, then a breakthrough is completely necessary.

In my very own case, I decided to let go of a toxic relationship with someone who I allowed to rule my mind. Honestly, it was a situation that I dealt with for over two years, but needed to end due to my health and mental capacity.

Do you have someone or a particular situation  in your life that may be dragging your down? A breakthrough might be necessary in your life for these reasons:

Mental/Physical Health is Key

One of the most important things about a breakthrough occurring after dealing with emotional trauma comes your health. Overtime it’s common to be dealing with depression or anxiety and can cause symptoms to get ahold of our lives.Thinking about whether or not that your situation could be causing issues with your mind.

Mentally there could a block that allows the situation to take control of your mind causing you to think negatively. Physically your mind could cause you to emotionally eat which means that weight gain could come as well. Not to speak negatively on weight gain, but this could potentially be what means you should be thinking about breaking free from what is trapping your mind and body.

Positive Thinking

Following making the decision to breakthrough what you are dealing with, there are positive thoughts that come with it. Although it may seem like leaving someone behind or a situation that may be causing you stress is hard, it all becomes worth it.

Especially when it is a negative situation, where someone is causing you to feel like you aren’t worth much, or if a situation is bringing you down to the point of where you do not feel as if you can get things done in life for yourself. Using the example of a breakup, you may feel that if you left that person (or if they break up with you) that you may never be able to meet someone or love again, deciding to breakthrough would mean that you decide to focus on other things and staying confident in finding love again. This is not the end!

The climax of a breakthrough is learning that you are in the driver’s seat of your mind, and that you are able to become a positive learning experience.