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5 Activities to Add Into Your Daily Routine

With the school year coming close to an end, I find myself feeling stuck in a slight slump. The days seem to go by slower, and I find myself feeling more tired than ever with all of the assignments piling up. In order to keep me motivated, I have been discovering new tricks to get myself excited for the day. These simple joys make me feel motivated to accomplish my to-do list tasks throughout the day. Here are 5 activities I definitely recommend adding into your daily routine to keep yourself motivated, and happier!

1. Find Something to Look Forward

While this concept may seem vague, this can be whatever you want it to be! For myself, I find that I look forward to making an iced coffee in the mornings to get me out of bed. This simple task gets me motived to start my day and get to work. For others, this can be making their favorite cup of tea or putting together one of their favorite breakfast meals!

2. Working out

This is definitely something I am still working on to become a part of my daily routine, but there is a noticeable difference when doing so. I find that taking at least fifteen minutes out of my day to get some fresh air on a walk really clears my mind. This allows me to take a moment to put everything on my mind in perspective and make me feel productive.

3. Reading

As I have found myself with more free time recently, I have delved back into my obsession with reading. Finding a book that truly interests you is an unmatchable feeling when you can enjoy sitting down to read. Taking just twenty minutes of my evening to read fills me with joy and throws me into whatever fictional world that is being written about. Taking a break from your normal work to do this relaxing activity, allows you to calm down and take a step back.

4. Getting Ready

This will have a variety of different meanings for everyone, but one that has truly made an impact on me. When I put on clothes, other than pajamas, I already feel ready to take on the day. For others, this may mean putting on makeup or doing their hair, but whatever it is, do it! Some days, I usually do not feel up to this, but I still find a way to incorporate it by even just adding a little piece of jewelry to my look.

5. Writing

Freehand writing has become one of my new favorite activities. For five minutes every day, I play some music and just write whatever comes to mind. Without any pressure, this has allowed me to release any thoughts or feelings I find myself holding on to. I recommend trying this as you will see how enjoyable it really is.

If you have any other activities you like doing in your daily routine, tag us on Instagram @HerCampusSJSU and let us know!

Hi my name is Anjali! I am a junior at San Jose State University with a major in Business Administration. I continue to love reading and writing articles for this amazing organization!
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