Trust In Him

Sometimes it feels as though God forgets about us. He doesn't. It’s hard to understand why not all of our prayers are always fulfilled. Everyone has felt hopeless at one point in their life before. The thing is, we are born with a road map. “Everything happens for a reason” is attributed to this. We all pray for good health and success. Some of us are not blessed with good health, and sometimes our success takes longer than we would like.

Everyone has the capability of being successful, NEVER give up.

God should not take the blame for this, as it’s just a part of your journey. You may not see it the same as me, not everyone does. From a religious opinion, God only gives us what we can handle in various times of our life. If things aren’t going as planned, that’s okay; just go with it. 


Take a seat, sit back, and enjoy the ride. Life takes you places you never thought you’d go; enjoy and embrace the beautiful yet sometimes frightening journey.

"For with God, nothing shall be impossible". - Luke 1:37