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What’s In My Backpack? Meet the E-Board Series: Julia Hansen

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Simmons chapter.

Julia is the Marketing Director for HC Simmons. To get to know her better, she showed us everything that’s in her backpack!

“It’s extra heavy today,” she says, using two hands to pull the whole backpack up off the ground. “It’s because I brought my laptop, and my laptop’s like 5 pounds. But here it is, my backpack is a black and brown Herschel bag. I wish it had more pockets, but it’s nice looking, and that’s what matters.”


Dryer Sheets = Life Hack

“I have a dryer sheet in here because my hair gets frizzy, and wiping a dryer sheet over your hair makes it so much smoother. Then there’s my ID, my Charlie Card, my license, my keys, all good things.”


Be aware of your surroundings!

“There’s a Lara bar I can’t eat in here because it has peanuts in it, and I’m always around people who are allergic to peanuts. Then there’s hand sanitizer, the hand cream we all love (Sanctuary Spa), a comb, because I impulsively cut my bangs and I haven’t figured out how to maintain them yet…”


A chocolate a day keeps the doctor away

“I have a chocolate square in here because I eat at least some chocolate every day.”



“I’m super into crystals. This is opalite, it’s really good for calming and stuff like that. It’s also really pretty, it’s my favorite. Then I have green fluorite, because it’s supposed to be good for academics, so I usually have this on me if I’m in school. I have rose quartz, it’s super supportive, and it’s supposed to be good for love and friendship and all that.”


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rihanna

“I’m going to Target later, so I have a reusable bag to bring with me. I got it at Book Con, it says ‘Reading is my superpower.’”


Planners galore

“Here’s my planner, I’ve gotten like, four planners this year, but I can’t make up my mind. So this is the one I’m using right now. It’s from Day Designer.”


“Then there’s my laptop…”

Below is a photo of Julia’s laptop, the most stickered laptop in the e-board!


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Senior Editor at Her Campus Simmons