What's In My Backpack? Meet the E-Board Series: Hailey McCaffrey

Meet one of our co-presidents, Hailey McCaffery, who opened up her North Face Jester backpack to share her tips and tricks for navigating collegiate life.


Live, love, laptop.

“This is my laptop (a Macbook Air), everything I love is on here, which makes it very nerve-wracking if it were to get stolen. I have so many jobs- I do graphic design freelance, so all of my designs are on here. It’s like my baby.”


What laptop is complete without stickers?

“I’m so bummed, I have the coolest [sticker] coming that’s not even on here yet. I have a cool Stranger Things one coming, and I would love if that was on here, but whatever...  I have a HerCampus sticker, of course. Friends is my favourite TV show, so I have Friends. I have this narwhal because I used to really like narwhals when I was younger, and then I have a sloth because that’s my current favourite animal. I have this, it says ‘Peachy keen, jelly bean,’ it’s from Grease, but I also just kinda like the saying. It’s cute! Daisies are my favourite flower, and I have this, the world made up of flowers. I really like flowers. See, there’s another daisy. And a New Hampshire sticker, I’m from New Hampshire. A shark sticker for Simmons, of course, and more flowers. I like getting these from RedBubble, because it’s independent designers who make them, and I think that’s really cool, as opposed to just buying them mass-produced, and they support the independent designers.”


Straight From Staples

“So I have two notebooks today, because I have two classes- finance and studio 5, which is basically a marketing department that runs out of Simmons. And then I have my folder. I am very proud of this folder! I am a very, very, obsessively organized person, and it’s got multiple flaps for all my classes. Staples sells a ton of these.” She points to a schedule stuck to her folder, and says, “What I do every week is I outline the homework that’s due every day this week and the next week, so I can get as far ahead of little assignments as I can, and see big assignments before they actually get here, because I am not a procrastinator. It says ‘Life is pretty good.’ I just think it’s cute, and it’s so helpful! I used to carry individual folders for every single class, and this is just so much easier, and I’m not a binder person. I cannot do binders. Nope.”


Good Gifts From Good Friends

“I have my little pencil case, actually Alyssa (our co-president, currently abroad in England) gave it to me. It holds my pens, and some other stuff. Hand lotion. Recognize it from the survival kits? Chapstick… that’s it.


“Now I can see the board!”

“I got new glasses from Warby Parker. I got glasses over the summer, lost them on a plane, and then I didn’t have insurance to buy new glasses, but Warby Parker is wicked cheap without insurance, so I got these yesterday, and now I can see the board! Small joys.”


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Header photo courtesy of Kathryn Prouse.