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What’s In My Backpack? Meet the E-Board Series: Emma Gottschalk

Meet our video director, Emma Gottschalk, who let us peek into her backpack to get to know her better!



“My backpack? Okay I have her here. It is just the most basic black Jansport backpack ever. I’ve had it since sophomore year of high school, I try to take really good care of it. Inside I have my laptop. A lot of my classes don’t allow me to use my laptop in class, but I go to the library a lot, so it’s handy to have it. Here’s notebook number one, with all my folders in it. Then notebook number two, where I actually take notes.”


Out of this world!

“I have this cool space folder where I keep the chapter of my Spanish textbook we’re working on. Then sticking with the space theme, I have the book I’m reading right now, Astrophysics For People In a Hurry by Neil DeGrasse Tyson. My dad studied astronomy in college, so it’s something that’s always been important in my family. I’ve had a heck of a lot of existential crises reading this.”


Video stuff, naturally

“Being the video director, I have my tripod and my camera in here. I have to go film Esha’s segment of our meet the e-board video right after this.”



“Wallet, keychain, earbuds, chapstick- Burt’s Bees mango, gotta love it. I have pepper spray, woman of the city. I like that it’s purple.”


Along with maintaining our YouTube channel, Emma writes articles for HC Simmons. Check them out here!


Senior Editor at Her Campus Simmons
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