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What’s In My Backpack? Meet the E-Board Series: Alexus Cruz

Meet Alexus Cruz, our Events Coordinator, who opened up her Northface backpack to let us get to know her a little better!


Third time’s a charm

“I have a Northface backpack. This is like, the third one I’ve had. I really like them because whenever I’m not in school I usually go hiking, and they’re really great for backpacking.”


Opening it up…

“So, in it, I obviously have my laptop. Let’s see, I have all my books, and my notebooks for every class. I usually have whatever notebooks I need for the day. I have my wallet with all these gift cards and stuff I don’t need…”


HC Simmons Loves Erin Condren!

“I have my Erin Condren planner. I use so much! See how much I’ve written in it?”


Zombie Apocalypse Pocket

Opening the smaller pocket of her backpack, Alexus says, “This one’s where it kinda gets a little crazy. I call this the Zombie Apocalypse pocket of my backpack, so I have pencils, highlighters and pens, then I have my earbud case, a little spray in case, you know, you get a little sweaty during the day…”


NJ Native

“This is a coin purse, where I always carry change on me because, being from New Jersey. I got stuck at a toll one time coming back from the beach and didn’t have change, so I had to take a ticket, and now I always carry change with me. It was traumatic! Jersey drivers are the worst, they were all honking behind me in my little beetle.”


One of the best parts of Northface backpacks? Pockets.

“I have all these divider pockets, which is why I like this backpack a lot. Here I have my keys, random lottery tickets that people give me, lead for my pencils, and I have this portable charger. You have to be ready for anything, so I have a ton of tampons.”


Always Prepared

“I’m ready for anything, so I have a mirror, lotion– I am the lotion queen. This is Target brand.”


Everything Is Awesome

“Here’s my little Lego keychain. I love Legos, I went to the Lego store in Manhattan for my nineteenth birthday.”


If you give Alexus a sticker…

“I have this from the Simmons College radio, I got this sticker for the Hubway bikes around Boston, which I really enjoy riding, especially when it gets warm out. I love them. I have two- no, three- Vans stickers, I love Vans. I skateboard to class sometimes, mostly when I’m running late though. My mom got me a Yeti Tumbler mug, she got really into it, and now I’m really into it, the Yeti Tumblers are amazing, they’re like the best mugs I’ve ever had. Basically, if you give me a sticker, I’ll put it on my laptop.”

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All photos courtesy of Kathryn Prouse.

Senior Editor at Her Campus Simmons
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