Student Athlete of the Month

Our student athlete of the month goes to Erin Fleming! Erin is part of the class of 2019, is in the Doctorate Physical Therapy 3+3 program at Simmons University, and is on the soccer team.


She truly exemplifies the definition of a student athlete. She is in the top 10% of her respective class, is a routine starter, a captain for the team and a member of Her Campus Simmons. How does she balance it all?


1. Creating study habits that work for her.

Her secret is sitting down in the library instead of her dorm. That way, she knows why she is there. 


2. Time management 

Time management skills are key to success when balancing everything in your life. Erin does it by keeping a calendar, and making sure her work gets done in the time she has off.

3. Believing in yourself

When you have a lot going on, it is crucial to believe that you can get through and excel. If you don’t believe you can, than it won’t happen.