Put Yourself First

I walked into the salon for the first time. Cucumber water was set out on the table and meditation music was playing overhead. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes; I really needed this.


It was my first time having a massage, my first time relaxing in over months. It’s only my first year of college and the day-to-day hustle can be exhausting. When pursuing a career in journalism, the pressure to build your resume and jump into the job pool is overwhelming. Only recently have I taken time to step back and take a breath.


More often than not women put themselves last and others first. They put their mental health on the back burner. We have been taught through generations to build families instead of ourselves.


When women started entering the workforce, taking time off or showing emotion meant we weren’t taken seriously. We became used to being unbalanced.


Now is the time, more than ever, to take a moment for ourselves and put our minds first. Even doing some meditation every day for five minutes can be enough. Splurge on a massage or a facial. Book an appointment to get your nails done or a nice new haircut. Buy that new shirt or piece of makeup you’ve been lusting after.


If beauty isn’t your thing, go on a retreat to Kripalu in the Berkshires. Go on a hike in Blue Hills. Take a weekend to put your phone away; don’t answer texts or emails. Finally pick up that book off your shelf and dive in. Buy that new yoga mat you saw in that fancy fitness store.


Putting ourselves if the forefront shouldn’t be so difficult. If we want to fight for other women, we need to fight for ourselves first. Take Women’s Month to become the goddess you are meant to be.