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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Simmons chapter.

Among most things, there is always that silver lining, which people are continuously trying to find to see the benefit to any hardship. The silver lining in my life came recently; I just got an internship through my surgeon at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), where I will be looking at predictive modeling for oncology patients with one of my surgeon’s medical students. I am extremely grateful that I will be working on a project that seeks to help oncology patients, as I was once one, and that it will be under the supervision of a medical professional that I know very well.

I will begin trainings at MGH starting either next week or the following, where I’ll be focused more on the analytic side of the project. For training, I’ll only have to go to MGH once or twice before I’m ready to do the work on my own. Fortunately I’ll be able to work from my personal laptop over a VPN, so I won’t have to commute to and from MGH every couple of days. I was also told that I could essentially work as much or as little on the project as I wanted, meaning that I won’t have to worry so much about finding time to work on it as much on weeks that I have tests or projects due. It also means that when I continue working on the project over the summer, I won’t have to worry about finding a place to stay in Boston because the internship is unpaid. Even though it’s an unpaid internship, it is still an internship through MGH, in my field, as a freshman. This gives me extremely early experience so that it will be much easier for me to find paid internships or jobs in the future.

I was born and raised in Maine, diagnosed with cancer at the age of seventeen (beat it at the age of eighteen), and I love red pandas. I was treated in both Maine and Massachusetts, and due to my experiences, I am a biochemistry major on the pre-med track at Simmons University, with the hopes of going into oncology research for pediatric cancers.