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New Year, new me. Gosh, like, aren’t you sick of this phrase too? “Oh no, it’s 2018, got to make a few resolutions!” Everyone goes to weight, diet, and exercise for their first goal which is not a problem, but half the people who say they are going to go to the gym and get fit, don’t do it. Everyone says lets get healthy, but why not think mentally is stead of physically. Lets get mentally fit and what I mean by that is lets make ourselves healthy and happy on the inside too. People forget about the inside because they are too focused on the outside.


I do not know about you, but my 2017 was not so pretty. It emotionally took me down to the bottom, to the lowest point I have been at. We all have had that year that just sucked. Well 2017 happened to be mine. I went through a bad break up and I made a lot of mistakes, but I also as you say “closed a few doors, and opened a few more.” Graduating high school and moving was a big change and trust me it is not fun. However, I was so out of my comfort zone, my happiness was spare, and my sadness consumed me.


Now everyone has gotten hurt in some way, shape, or form, and that is okay because you are human. Everyone has made a mistake in their lives whether you regret it or not, it is okay cause we are human. I started to think am I a good person. Am I doing good for myself and others around me? My confidence and self-appreciation plummeted. I mean you can say you’re happy and fake a smile, pretend like your sadness does not exist, but when you find yourself going to sleep at night, whatever that is bothering you seems to lurk through your thoughts and your mind.


It is okay to have a rough year or a rough time, we have all lost someone, we all have some sort of stress and anxiety, we all have that one moment were we break down and cry, but that is okay because we are human.  Now, whatever brought you down last year, think of ways to make it a positive, see the up side of things, make your sadness disappear. 2018 should be a year of not only physical goals like exercise, eating right, school goals like getting good grades, but mental goals like what can I do to feel confident and happy in myself. What can I do to turn that fake smile into a real one?


No matter who you are, what you have done, I believe in hope, in forgiving but not forgetting your past, let it go. Everyone deserves happiness. Let it be a goal for you for 2018. I feel as though I keep scrolling on Twitter, going through Snapchat stories, seeing people say I am so sad, I am so alone which is truly upsetting to see. Send them a message showing that you’re there for them which will lighten their day, trust me when I say that. If you’re alone, seek happiness whether it be listening to music, or going for a drive, a talk on the phone, or just to vent. Make happiness a priority for you this year and always.


Just always remember you. You all are so so special and unique to this world, do not forget that.


Just a small town girl trying to make a big impact.
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