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If you go to school in the Fenway area… nay, if you have ever set foot within a ten-mile radius of any Longwood hospital, you know about Longwood Galleria. It is a beacon of hope in the darkest of nights. It is a shelter from the cold and the promise of a warm meal, or perhaps an iced coffee. The thin red fluorescent light that wraps around its loud, cartoon-esque sign signals one thing and one thing only: a gourmet dining experience. There’s something for everyone in the good old Galleria; however, as to be expected by any food court (if we must call her that), she has her highs and lows. In the forthcoming list, three best friends and frequent Longwood Galleria-goers will attempt to rank the dining establishments in that hallowed hall. After much debate and several restaurant samplings, we present to you: Longwood Galleria: Ranked.


McDonald’s, commonly known as McDank’s, hits different. We firmly believe that people who say they do not like McDonald’s are liars, pure and simple. The feeling of biting into a juicy chicken nugget dipped in their signature buffalo sauce and washing it down with a gulp of sweet tea is incomparable. The service at this McDank’s is unparalleled, whether it be at 8 am for 2 for $2 sausage burritos and a French vanilla iced coffee or at 9 pm when your friend was just dumped and needs to drown her sorrows in a large fry and a Shamrock Shake. McDonald’s is there for it all, and something about the security of always knowing exactly what you’ll get is a comfort in the most uncertain times. For this, she earns the number one slot.


Honestly, we could talk about our love of Dunkin all day long. To us, Dunkin is New England. Even in the dead of winter, nothing could ever top a medium iced coffee from Dunks. The only reason we had to put her at number two is simple economics: supply and demand. With Emmanuel opening a Dunks right down the street, there’s a more convenient option if you’re looking for your daily fix. However, the Longwood Galleria dunks will always manage to hold a special place in our hearts.

Dragon Bowl

She’s a Longwood staple. If you’ve only had her samples, you’re missing out and need to give her a chance. The generous portions and low prices make Dragon Bowl stand out from the crowd. Lo mein, orange chicken, need we say more?


Hear us out...Subway kind of slaps. Completely customizable, they can please even the pickiest of eaters. Do you love ham, cheese and extra (extra) pickles? You got it. You might not think much of her on first glance, but when we’ve got a hankering for an Italian BMT, Subway is our go-to. Bigger. Meatier. Tastier. What’s not to love?

Charleys Philly Steaks

We have one word for you: Ultimate. Turkey, ham, bacon, AND cheddar cheese? 980 calories of pure bliss. If you haven’t tried it, you need to. And while you’re there grab a side of loaded fries. Because you deserve it.

Sakura Japan

Teriyaki chicken is always a go-to. There’s something about that mound of cooking chicken that makes our mouths water. A lil extra sauce to finish her off and you’ve got yourself one helluva meal.

Noodles King

Noodles King is the new kid on the block and we love an underdog. Her Yelp page is popping with 4-star reviews, but given her young age, she’s lower on the list. We predict a bright, bright future for this up-and-coming Galleria super-star.

Red Barn Coffee Roasters

Okay, asking for a friend, is this place even open? We don’t think we have ever been to the Longwood Galleria and seen people with Red Barn or even anyone ever working there, and with Dunkin’ next door, there’s no need. She might as well not even exist. (Sorry, it had to be said)

Bourbon Street Café

We’re not Bourbon regulars, but we’re sure there are some BSC stans among us. Taylor said it best when she said “it isn’t love, it isn’t hate, it’s just indifference.”

T. Sushi Wraps and Noodles

TBH, we just haven’t experienced the [probable] delightfulness of T. Sushi Wraps and Noodles. The T could stand for terrific, tenacious, tasty, talented, triumphant, but for us it only means sTanding in line for Dunkin’, because that’s the one reason we’ve been in front of their counter.


Chutney’s warm orange signage is a pleasant welcome to the Galleria, and she always offers a sample and a smile. And frankly, that’s all she offers. We typically take the sample with gratitude and go on with our Galleria journey. Thank u, next.

Longwood Grille & Bar

We haven’t seen anyone (except Bob White) in this establishment. For us, the food court is more of a quick stop and less of a sit-down experience. But, hey, to each their own. If you’re a Grille & Bar Babe, more power to you.

Beantown Burrito

With Qdoba and Chipotle so close, we just don’t see the appeal. The guacamole tends toward brown on most days, and there’s something off-putting about the menu. Somehow they offer omelets and taco bowls… our suggestion is to choose one area and run with it, though we appreciate the variety. All things considered, its Yelp rating says it all: a mere 2 out of 5 stars.

All in all, there’s a little something for everyone at the Galleria. There’s a lot to love about the place, and frankly, its quirks add to its charm. We want to hear your faves! Share this article with your #Top3 and stay tuned for more rankings!

Olivia Klein

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Olivia Klein is a senior English major at Simmons University in Boston, MA. Her passions include Zumba, Frank's Red Hot, YA literature, and of course, writing.
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Lauren is a senior at Simmons University studying public relations, marketing, and media arts. She's a proud lover of fashion, planners, and Instagram. You can find her designing stickers or choosing the perfect VSCO filter. Follow her on IG: @itsxlaur
Katie is a senior at Simmons University studying International Relations. Her passions include dance, Dunkin Donuts, and researching the perfect brunch spot. To keep up with Katie follow her on Instagram @kt.campbelll
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