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The Lalagirl Smiling Holding Journal
The Lalagirl Smiling Holding Journal
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Journaling Ideas for Busy People

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Simmons chapter.

Burnout, according to the Oxford dictionary, means: “physical or mental collapse caused by overwork or stress.” As a person who juggles school and homework, 25 hour work weeks, clubs like Her Campus and relationships with my friends and family while still having a social life keeps me pretty busy, so it can be easy for me to reach burnout. However, I enjoy my lifestyle immensely, especially because I can actually find some time for self care. My favorite activity is journaling, because it can help me put my jumbled mind onto paper. While writing about my day can be effective, it can be time consuming and ultimately a little boring. Instead, I’ve made a list of some creative ways for you to lay all of your thoughts onto paper.


Creative Writing

If you are an aspiring writer, or you just have a love of writing prose or poetry, then I highly recommend creative writing journaling. Create a character of a hero and imagine that they are you fighting bad guys, winning wars, rescuing a love interest – the ideas are endless! Tip: Imagination not working properly? Google ‘writing prompts’ and you will find thousands of different ideas to get you started.


Favorite Quotes

This is definitely how I would describe the way I journal. Writing down my favorite quotes, poems, song lyrics, etc. definitely helps put my mind at ease. Sometimes, I’ll add little drawings next to the quotes as well to spark even further creativity. Writing out words that speak to me or that I can relate to is very therapeutic, in my opinion. Tip: If you are searching for some good quotes or some from specific people, check out Pinterest. They have endless quotes for whatever you may be wanting to hear.


Bullet Journal

Bullet journaling has never really been my forte, however, I know it has major benefits. Having a way to organize your calendar, reminders and to-do lists among countless other things you may need to write down can be a great way to wind down after a busy day or week. The best part of bullet journaling is that you get to design it the way you want. Tip: Practice calligraphy in your bullet journal. Stylistic writing can be so soothing. 


Dream Journal

Unfortunately, I am not someone who easily remembers my dreams, but my roommate loves to recount her subconscious adventures to me while we’re getting ready for the day. It’s incredible what the mind can come up with! If your dreams really make you think, start your day by recording what you can recall from the night. Tip: After writing down your dreams, do a quick search on Google to see what it all could mean. You’ll be surprised at how incredible the subconscious mind is!


Write Yourself a Note

Instead of pulling out your phone to jot a quick note down in the Notes app, I highly suggest actually pulling out your journal or planner to physically write it down. This way you are able to not have to always rely on your phone, and it honestly can be quite fun. Tip: Keep a little pocket journal in your bag or wallet for shopping lists, reminders, etc!


Memory Journal

Finally, create a journal specifically to write down the good moments of your day or week, or for when those old memories pop up in your brain and you don’t want to forget them again. It can be extremely therapeutic to go back and read all the good memories that you have enjoyed in your life. Tip: If you want a good laugh at any point, keep a list of funny things you and your friends say. 


Remember: there is no correct way to journal! If you have never journaled before but have been wanting to, these ideas are just a way to get you started. Make sure you get a journal or notebook that you like and looks cool (the cover photo is of my journals!) and a pen or pencil you really love and get writing.


Happy Journaling!

Ellie Faeth

Simmons '22

Ellie Faeth is a junior at Simmons, a social work major and the current Campus Correspondent for Her Campus at Simmons. She is a music-lover and enjoys impromptu dance parties. Ellie is very excited to share her thoughts and ideas with the Her Campus at Simmons audience.