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How My Routine Changed During Retrograde (So Far)

Whether you believe in astrology or think it’s a hoax (or look up memes in your sign for fun), it’s safe to say that we’ve been suffering a little lately, whether from midterms or navigating another wave of COVID-19. Though we see retrograde being thrown around as a scapegoat for bad times, it simply means a specific planet’s orbit speeds up and therefore throws our normal progression out of balance. Now, not only is Mercury in retrograde in Scorpio, lasting from October 14th to November 3rd, there’s another retrograde on top of that; Mars retrograde in Aries from September 3rd to November 13th. 

Since Mercury in astrology rules communication, thinking, technology, and travel and Mars rules passion in our actions, it’s safe to say that both how we think and how we act is swayed because of the retrogrades. Take this time to reflect and take it slow–overexerting yourself can cause more mishaps in communication and lead to building frustration and unintended lashing out. With still a few weeks left to ride out the effects of Mars and Mercury in retrograde, it’s important to emphasize that embracing a complete change in routine is fine, but to also be extra conscious of how your actions can come across than how you intend them to. 

A list of things to work on that can be affected by the retrogrades:  

1. Deadlines

Regarding Mercury retrograde especially, it’s easy to let small things pass by and deadlines to change. In Zoom University especially, tech issues can cause all sorts of problems, and in my experience, range from missing deadlines, not being able to connect to the internet, and working more slowly. I’ve embraced making meticulously detailed schedules after one too many tech issues.  

2. Communication

Both verbally with friends and family and across tech platforms, effective communication can falter during retrograde. Be mindful to not pent up anger, be passive aggressive, or make impulse decisions because the time after retrograde will always come back for you. (Don’t go back to your ex either.)

3. Self Care

It’s especially important to prioritize yourself during this time, and even more so if you’ve been feeling the effects of retrograde draining your energy. Make sure to get enough sleep, don’t force efficiency, and take all the breaks you need–retrogrades are not the time to push yourself to the max. Take the time to reflect on what happened in the past and assess the future one more time.

4. Don’t be Afraid of Change

Though I’ve been stressing caution and slow, small steps so far, don’t forget that change, no matter how small, is always an option. I’ve gotten out of my comfort zone and been more proactive than usual during the Mars retrograde, despite being overwhelmed, and have challenged myself more with internships and scholarship applications. This can reach personally as well–I’ve finally cut my nails short (a first in many many months) and am finally trying out colored hair! Retrogrades are notorious for spontaneity, but life wouldn’t be life without some spice as they say.

A simple junior arts administration major! An art and concert enthusiast zooming from NYC.
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