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How To Be Gluten Free and Within a Budget


Why be gluten free? Having a gluten free diet has many benefits that come with it. It helps to prevent Celiac Disease and helps digestion for people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It is very good to be gluten free when you have a gluten intolerance, of course. However, even since I have been eating gluten free, my body just feels better- more energized and less bloated! 


Having a gluten free diet can be costly and hard to manage especially being a student. Here is my basic food necessities that are gluten free and inexpensive. 



You can eat all the veggies you want! Naturally produced veggies are gluten free!

My go to vegetables are: 

– Spinach

– Lettuce

– Zucchini

– Squash

– Tomatoes

– Onion

– Cucumbers

– Mushrooms

– Avocado 

– Cauliflower


All are my go to veggies to mix all together and create a yummy salad. Gluten free cauliflower pizza is actually bomb and right now I am obsessed with avocado on literally everything. Most of these vegetables are low in calories and carbs. However, avocado is higher calories compared to the others.



Like veggies, you can eat all the fruit you desire if it is naturally produced. As it gets warmer, fruit is so good at any time of day for such a refreshing snack. 

I always make sure to have:

– Banana (especially on rice cakes)

– Apples

– Strawberries

– Watermelon 

– Raspberries

Fruit is less attainable at my college so I tend to eat and buy more veggies!



Well, dairy is limited compared to fruits and vegetables. I am lactose intolerant, so dairy typically is not on my grocery list. However, when I want to enjoy dairy and still be gluten free, I basically follow this list:

– Cheese

– Greek yogurt or plain yogurt

– Soy milk

– Whey protein

– Eggs

– 2% reduced fat milk 

I don’t consume much dairy as it does bloat me.



I am a big fan of eating nuts, but not so much on seeds. Nuts are both low carb and gluten free. Nuts make a good filling snack in moderation!

I love:

– Peanuts

– Almonds

– Cashews

– Macadamia nuts

– Pecans

– Pistachios

– Brazilian nuts

– and of course Peanut Butter


However, if I am on a budget, I would save the nuts for whatever is left for money. Nuts and seeds can be very costly depending on the nut/seed and the name brand. 



I hate to break it to you, but bread does not really exist in my diet at all. I prefer a wrap over a sandwich to be honest. I try to avoid bread because most contain wheat, barley, or rye. 



I also avoid any pasta as it typically also it made with wheat, barley, and flour. I never liked wheat pasta or ate it because it is usually is high in carbohydrates. 



I am not a big meat eater. I eat a lot of salad to be honest. However, a lot of your main meats are gluten- free. Such as…

– Chicken

– Beef

– Turkey

– Fish

– Shell fish

– Tuna

I occasionally eat chicken, tuna, and turkey because usually it is easy to cook and affordable. 


Just a small town girl trying to make a big impact.
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