Fashion Week: Boston Edition

If there’s one thing I can’t say no to, it’s anything fashion. Combine it with photo ops, a beauty bar and free swag, ‘no’ never crossed my mind. Since HerCampus was wonderful enough to host such a great event, I wanted to do a quick recap to show my gratitude.


Beauty Bar

I love that Ulta’s mission is focusing on the power of beauty to bring to life the possibilities that lie within each of us. Keyword- within. They are all about empowering and recognizing your own strength and beauty. I had the chance to get my hair done and as you can see, it looked amazing. The hairdressers at this event were so talented and friendly! Their passion for what they do truly shows.

​Photo Credit to HerCampus Simmons


Photo Ops

This event was prime gram opportunities. My fellow HerCampus members and I took advantage of this. There were several backgrounds to pose in front of, in addition to a pool filled with EOS lip balms. No diving allowed, but you sure can cannon ball.  

​Photo Credit to HerCampus Simmons



ByChloe was giving out samples of their chocolate chip cookies. What’s another word for unbelievably delicious? Cookies & Rose, there’s nothing better.

​Photo Credit to HerCampus Simmons



What I love about HerCampus is the community. Each individual is beautiful, caring, and supportive! It came as an amazing surprise to see other college women walking the runway. As they strutted their stuff, the crowd was cheering. The excitement was contagious. The women looked like models, perfecting their catwalk, and their schmize at the end of the runway. It was also a great opportunity to see a variety of cool outfits—pieces that I wouldn't have thought of that looked fabulous.



(*Justin Bieber voice) Chillin by the runway while we were sippin’ Rosé. Our hands were filled with swag, swag, swag. I could tell you about it all, but I could also just show you….


​Photo Credit to HerCampus Simmons


Customize Stations

HerCampus knows the way to our hearts: buttons and bracelets. There were two creative stations where you could pick a button and add any color glitter to it that you wanted. Then, once you’ve gotten your button, you move to your left and create your own bracelet. The hardest part about making your own bracelet is actually putting the buttons on and tying it. Here, you just had to pick your design, lay it out, and the rest is done for you. Heart eyes emojis x10.

Photo Credit to HerCampus Simmons