Cozy Fall Self-Care Ideas

As the cold winter air starts to settle in and the thought of upcoming finals loom in the background, it is important to take time to practice a little bit of so you don’t burn out. Here are a few self-care ideas for the colder months.



The fall months are always a great excuse to cook up some warm baked goods that you can enjoy as well as your friends and family. Some classics for the fall time are pumpkin bread, banana bread and sweet potato soup. Coffee and tea are must-haves for the fall and winter. Instead of going out to buy a cup of coffee think about just staying in and brewing a pot while you watch your favorite movie or read your favorite book.



As the cold weather comes in so does the dry air. To fight against dry skin, think about investing in oils and body lotion in order to combat dry skin while also relaxing. Since it's fall, opt for more spicy scents such as ginger, juniper, or cinnamon.  Another way to fight against dry skin is to incorporate dry brushing into your routine. Not only does dry brushing get rid of dry skin it also helps increase circulation.



It can become hard to be motivated to workout during the fall and winter, therefore, look on your campus for different and fun ways to get your workout in. Exercise that can become really popular during the fall and winter is hot yoga. So look around your campus and gather a group of friends to get in a fun workout.



The changing of the seasons can be difficult for many people, so it is important to make sure you are also taking care of your mind. A great way to relieve stress and work on your mental health is through journaling. You can have the freedom to journal about whatever you want and if you are having trouble getting started there are many journal prompts online.