Boston Bucket List

Here at Simmons, we are so lucky to be located in one of the most exciting and historic cities on the east coast! Located in the heart of Boston, we never run out of fun and interesting things to do. From sports games, to museums and the beautiful Charles River, the options are endless. We put together a list of 25 must-dos in the city during your four years spent at Simmons!

  1. Go to a game at Historic Fenway Park
  2. Take artsy pictures at the Esplanade
  3. Treat yourself to a day on Newbury Street (the best place to people-watch!)
  4. Hang out at the Boston Common and...
  5. Go dog-watching
  6. Go ice skating on Frog Pond the during the winter
  7. Ride on the swan boats
  8. Check out the Make Way for Ducklings statue
  9. Take advantage of free student access to museums (The MFA and Isabella Stuart Gardner are only minutes away!)
  10. Go kayaking on the Charles River
  11. Go to Mike’s Pastries (Mike’s over Modern, always)
  12. Get lost while riding the T and discover a new neighborhood!
  13. Go hang out at another school’s quad for a change of scenery
  14. Study at the Boston Public Library
  15. Go to Lawn on D
  16. Check out the Boston Harbor
  17. Eat in the North End (or better yet, take your parents to eat in the North End)  
  18. Go to the SoWa Open Market (featuring cool art and lots of produce, open throughout spring until fall)
  19. Check out the New England Aquarium
  20. Grab some food at Quincy Market over by Faneuil Hall
  21. Take a day trip to the surrounding areas, like Cambridge or Salem
  22. Speaking of Cambridge, make sure to visit the Cambridge Center Roof Garden
  23. Check out the view from the top of the Prudential Center - you can see the entire city from there!
  24. Go shopping in Downtown Crossing! (Primark is where it’s at!)
  25. See a Broadway show at the Boston Opera House - students get $25 tickets!