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The Best Places to Walk in Boston When the Weather Warms Up

When (if?) it finally starts feeling like spring in the city, we’re all going to want to enjoy the weather we’ve waited so long for. What better way than a walk around our beautiful city? Here are some of my favorite places to stroll around Boston:


1. Newbury Street

If you’re up for shopping and a walk, Newbury street is the place to go! It has all the best stores (and bonus, there’s usually lots of dogs around too).


2. The Esplanade

If you want a view to go with your walk, head over to the Charles River Esplanade! It’s beautiful and has lots of places to sit and enjoy the beautiful scenery too.


3. The Waterfront

Another Boston favorite of mine is the waterfront! It’s always a gorgeous view, day or night.


4. Boston Common

If you want a walk with some activities, check out the Boston Common! You can take a ride on the Swan Boats, bring a picnic lunch or visit the famous make way for ducklings statues!


5. Faneuil Hall

If you’re looking for a walk with shopping AND food, the best place to go is Faneuil hall. It’s home to some of the best restaurants and stores in the city and never disappoints.


6. Downtown Crossing

Are you sensing a theme yet? A walk without shopping is simply not a walk I want to be a part of. Visit downtown crossing to see some of the best department stores in the city- from Primark to Macy’s to TJ Maxx, downtown crossing is the place to be if you’re looking for big stores.


7. The Freedom Trail

Why not be a tourist in your own city, and learn some history while you’re at it? Boston’s history makes the city special, and is so interesting to learn about. Why not learn some new things while enjoying some fresh air and getting some cardio in?


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