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The ABC’s of Simmons College

Campus life can seem overwhelming when you first start school, especially when you’re entering your first semester. You probably have a lot going on, and trying to map our your way around school can get confusing. That’s why we crafted a list, tastefully in the form of the ABCs, to help you out! Below you’ll find all the top spots, people and events both on the Simmons campus and conveniently close by!  

A – Academic Campus, otherwise known as ‘Academic’ by students. It’s where all classes take place and home to Beatley Library, Common Grounds, Meyers and The Fens!

B – Bartol, the main stop on Residential to grab food buffet style.

C – Common Grounds, one of the most popular study spots on Academic. Grab a chair with pals and enjoy a nice Java coffee or a snack.

D – Ducks, weird, right? Our Academic campus has made itself home to many geese and ducks! Make way for ducklings!

E – The Esplanade, only a 10-minute walk from Residential. The Esplanade is a nice relaxing walk along the Charles River. You could also bring your running shoes, bikes, skateboards, scooters and even rollerblades and take a cruise along the three miles of freshly paved sidewalk.

F – The Fens, the main place to go on Academic for food of all kinds. You’ll find the nicest staff there and some amazing food too. The Fens offers sushi, sandwiches, comfort food, a grill, an international section, pizza and more!

G – Games. Living in between Kenmore and Longwood provides amazing opportunities for Simmons Students, including Fenway Park! Grab some student discount tickets and catch a game with the Red Sox or take T to North Station and go support the Bruins and Celtics at the TD Garden!

H – Holmes Sports Center, located on Residential. Holmes Sports Center provides training for both our student athletes and students looking to stay fit at college! Go to a yoga, Zumba or spin class! Maybe even go and take a dip in the pool or hot tub!

I – Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum right next to Academic. Take an hour or two between classes to explore some of the beautiful exhibits. As a Simmons student, you can get in free! You also have free admission to the Museum of Fine Arts, a 10-minute walk away.

J – John Simmons, the founder of Simmons College. Don’t forget to participate in the hunt for mini John Simmons’ around campus this Founder’s Day!

K – Kenmore, where you can catch the green line, go get some Starbucks or catch a good spot to watch the Boston Marathon!

L – Lefavour Hall, which contains classrooms, Meyers Cafe and Beatley Library. Here you can grab a Starbucks coffee or a sandwich and go study!

M – MBTA, our main source of transportation. At Simmons, we have access to several different stations along the Green Line. Grab yourself a Charlie Card and hop on either the Longwood stop or the Fenway stop on Green Line D!

N – North and South Halls, the two oldest buildings on Residential. Both have been housing Simmons Students for over a century and have old time charm and rumored ghosts.

O – One Palace Road, one of the buildings on Academic Campus. Here, you’ll find the security desk and the Fenway Card office. This building also houses most classes for undergrad and graduate social work majors.

P – The Park Science Center, which is getting a makeover pretty soon. Park is home to anyone who’s a science major.

Q – The Quad, located on Residential. On a sunny day, you’ll find students sitting in the colorful chairs, bringing out yoga mats and studying or hanging out with friends.

R – Residential Campus or what students refer to as Res. In a big city like Boston, res is the perfect place to wind down and feel at home.

S – Stella, one of the first faces you’ll meet at Bartol. Everyone knows and loves her! Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself! Head over to Bartol Late Night for some good snack recommendations from her as well.

T – Target, the most amazing place ever. While there are many stores in the Longwood/Kenmore area, nothing beats City Target. You’ll see tons of classmates there no matter what time of day! Target is a wonderland where you will find everything you need for school or your dorm.

U – Our unique campus. We are the only women-centered college in Boston and have such a diverse, supportive and welcoming community!

V – The Vagina Monologues, a production put on by our very own Simmons Students. We recommend everyone goes at least once, or better yet, get involved yourself.

W – Professor Bob White. Yes that’s correct, we included a professor. No matter what major you’re in, you’ll know Bob White. He’s the man who looks, and sometimes dresses, exactly like Albus Dumbledore. He’s got the beard and everything! Don’t be afraid to say hi, he’s very friendly.

X – Xtra bunnies on Res! Yes, we actually have wild bunnies on campus. You’ll see them hopping around the Quad at night.

Y – Your home away from home. During your time at Simmons, you’ll make new friends, discover new passions and places and truly find your second home.

Z – The zillions of memories you’ll make here at Simmons! 

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