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Winter Blues: Fact or Fiction?

It has been left open to debate. But my opinion is that the change in seasons most definitely takes a toll on one’s average perspective of life. For starters, daylight savings time does not help because it just makes you feel like you have less time to get your work done. At five o’clock, I look out the window and my body adjusts itself to get into night mode. Meanwhile, the organic chemistry problems I have left to do on Sapling are due the next day and my body thinks it is bedtime. Lovely. Regardless of whether or not you are a fellow science major, winter is moving in. And with it, comes the winter blues.    

I think the people who feel it the hardest are those that do not have a significant other or dog to cuddle up with. The warmth of another creature is enough to make you feel wanted and needed. We all leave our homes though and come to college in search of academic excellence, fun times out on the weekends and extracurricular pursuits. Doing this, we purposely leave behind our loved ones as we are at school in the winter to focus on ourselves and being the ideal college students. I think that a part of ourselves gets left behind at our homes and as the winter comes along, it almost reminds us of what we are missing. The elements of ourselves that we left behind with those that we love and care for are no longer with us. So we constantly search for those pieces but we are left feeling a sharp pain from within until we are reunited.

Nonetheless, at different parts of the years, we are reminded of what we were doing last year at that same time. It is unfortunate that during the winter we are left feeling cold and stressed as finals fall upon our shoulders like an avalanche just waiting to knock over our self-created confidence. Our vitamin D levels take a direct smack in the face because we are forced to stay inside unless our bodies must venture across campus from class to class. Now some people may truly find joy in the gentle winter breeze that kisses their cheeks, and do not get me wrong, it has its moments. However, there is nothing like warming up with a cozy blanket and cup of coffee in your room. I think many would agree.

Call it blues or call it an illusion. Whatever you feel comes over your mind, body and soul this winter, just know you are not alone. It is more common than you think. Over three million people in the United States alone experience this seasonal affective disorder. Next time you see someone running to the door to their respective residence hall building, do not be alarmed, know that they are as desperate to get past the winter storm brewing outside and in their heart as you are. We got this, people. 

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I am a junior at Siena College studying Digital Marketing & Communications, Biology, and Management. I love entertaining an open-mind to new experiences because each moment could become a life-changing opportunity. I'm a passionate yogi, a healthy food fanatic, and a determined leader with a desire to explore and never stop learning. 
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