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Like many other college students, I deal with stress on a daily basis from managing all of my assignments, attending club meetings, making time for friends, making time for myself, and keeping up with family and friends back home. I know other college students struggle with stress as well, so I thought I would share some of the ways that I deal with stress throughout the semester.

Using a Planner

Writing down all of my assignments for the semester and keeping track of when everything is due has honestly helped me so much. Having an overview of what is due every week, helps decrease my stress by the slighests. I highly recommend using a planner throughout the entirety of the semester!

Having a Self Care night

When I’m having a stressful week, one of my favorite ways to handle my stress is having a self care night and completely destress and not worry about any assignments or anything else I may have going on. My favorite self care activities include, taking a long hot shower, painting my nails, doing my hair and doing a deep skin care routine. I know following this self care routine makes me feel like a brand new person!

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Journaling is one of my new ways to blow off any stress that I may be facing. If the stress is coming from the amount of work that I have, then I write down all my assignments for the week and how I will tackle them. But if I’m just feeling overwhelemed then I resort to writing down exactly how I am feeling and where the stress is coming from.

Taking a Walk

As simple as this may sound taking walks really do help when it comes to dealing with my stress, in my opinion at least. The beautiful scenery that Siena has is breathtaking and really helps get my mind off of things, walking to the Grotto is my favorite part of going on walks. Whenver I’m at the Grotto I feel an overwhelming amount of peace and it truly does help me calm down.

These are just a few of the ways that I personally deal with stress throughout the long fall semester and hopefully they’re able to help take some of the stress away for you.

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