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Thoughts That We All Have While Studying in the Library

1. I swear, I’ll get off Tumblr  in 5 minutes.

2. It counts as studying, as long as the textbook is open.

3. I love the reliability of SienaAir!!

4. I can’t make it to the printer, it’s too far…

5. What a nice view of the baseball players – I mean, homework, I have…

6. Why is it so freezing in here?

7. Is my breathing too loud for the silent floor?

8. I should have started this last week.

9. I deserve a break. *goes on an hour-long Casey’s run*

10. Yes, the entire page DOES need to be highlighted.

11. Stay calm, Cs get degrees.

12. Did we not learn this in class, or was I asleep for the whole semester?

13. I could be watching The Office right now…

14. Can those people hear my music through these headphones?

15. I’ve actually been incredibly productive this week, I watched an entire season of Grey’s Anatomy!

16. By how much will my grade drop if I fail this?

17. I’ll just wake up early to finish this!

18. There is no way I’m going to wake up to finish this.

Freshman Marketing major at Siena College!
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