Seven Great Disabled YouTubers

There are several niches that YouTubers fall into. Comedy, sports, voiceovers, ex-Buzzfeed employees… 

Disabled YouTubers - or chronically ill YouTubers, anmputees, mentally ill, etc. - is a catergory on YouTube that is fast-growing. More and more people are realizing that they can use their experiences as a platform, to educate and enlighten those about their illnesses and maybe bring comfort to others who are going through the same thing.

So here are seven Youtubers that deserve some love.


  1. Probably my favorite YouTuber on the list, so naturally she's first. Jessica is a British Youtuber that lives with two rare genetic disorders. She makes videos twice a week, educating about her disorders and life with multiple invisible illnesses. But that’s not all she shows on her YouTube channel - she often has her wife and two dogs join her in baking videos or her fun days out.

    Did I mention she dresses like it’s the 1950s every day? How can you not love that?

  2. Jo is a rather new YouTuber based in the USA, though her popularity sky-rocketed within about a year. She recently underwent an amputation on one of her legs in hopes of easing her chronic ankle pain that was caused by an accident years ago. While there were some complications, she continues to make videos about mental health, PTSD, her experiences as an amputee, and someone whose other invisible illnesses are overlooked.

  3. Amy has been around for awhile in Australia, popular for her sunny personality, great fashion sense, and her great relationship with her partner, Tom. However, she deals with several debilitating illnesses - among them EDS, Mast Cell, gastroporesis, etc. She manages to educate and keep a positive attitude about her constant battle with her health.

  4. Hannah Witton has been popular on YouTube for years, known for her work as a sex educator and advocate for women’s health in Britain. It was only in the past few years did her platform take a dramatic shift, as her life was threatened by her Ulcerative Colitis. An ileostomy was performed to save her life, and now she frequently talks about the drastic shift this has brought into her life and how it affects her relationships, her views on sex, and her life as a whole.

  5. Molly Burke has been famous for years, known as the blind fashion YouTuber. While that may seem derogatory, it’s the label that she embraces. She makes videos educating about her condition, life with her guide dog Gallop, and of course, fashion and make-up.

  6. Wheels2Walking, or a man named Richard, is a mostly wheelchair-bound YouTuber. After an accident years ago, he was told he would never walk again, but now he manages to walk for short distances and has gained independence through hardwork and determination. Though he will eventually become permanently wheelchair-bound, he works everyday to improve the quality of life of other wheelchair users with his girlfriend and their support system.

  7. MultiplicityAndMe, or Jess, is a woman living with Dissociative Identity Disorder (or Multiple Personality Disorder). She is often joined by her alternate personalities in the videos. Lately, her and her husband had a child together as well. Together, they work to end the stigma surrounding DID and mental health in general.

And there you go. There are certainly several hundred more YouTubers that deal with health problems, though those are some of the ones I watch. Enjoy ;)