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There were plenty of times in my short life where I have been so overwhelmed that I didn’t know what to do. And many times, I have turned to writing and journaling. At first I didn’t know what made me pick up a pencil and start to write, but eventually I had written page after page and it all became a blur.

I had been in a daze that allowed me to cope with how I was feeling, even if it was only for a couple minutes. Through writing, my mind learned how to quiet. My mind was quiet even when everything around me felt fast and loud around me. Instead, I learned to read my thoughts and get intimate with my own mind. I started to learn the ins and outs of myself essentially.

Eventually, with the help of journaling, everything became bearable. Tolerable. Because of devoting time to journaling when I didn’t know what to do, my mind started to learn how to calm and soothe itself. Ultimately, I started to feel more at peace and content with my mind since I was allowing myself to check in with myself every so often through writing.

For some people, writing is a trance. Writing is a feeling and words come naturally. For me, it was the same way. Whenever I was overwhelmed and felt lost, I lost myself in the need to write, the need to explore my mind, and the strong desire to find answers deep within myself. Those were all things I did when I wrote. I explored the deep side of my mind that I didn’t even know. Feelings and thoughts that I didn’t know about and only existed in my subconscious.

For me, everything I found out or confirmed about myself through writing helped me understand both myself and the world around me. It also explained a lot, especially about things I didn’t think had explanations.

Writing allowed me to be confused and ask questions. Writing lets me obsess without complaint, without hesitation. It gave me a piece of mind knowing someone was there to listen whenever I needed it. It simply lets me be me without judgment.

Ultimately, it helped me slow down and understand things that helped better me as a person. Helped me reflect and clarify things for myself. Writing helped me feel in control and this helped me feel safe. My mind then started to not only feel safe, but productive which then led to feeling inspired to do better for myself.

Because of this mindfulness, it allowed me to think with a clear mind and face life head on. Journaling allowed me to reflect and grow as a person.

Just a college girl trying to live my best life! :)
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