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Quite honestly it is very easy to get in a funk and stop going to the gym as regularly as you normally would which can make it very difficult to get back to your normal routine. We all go through ebbs and flows of consistently working out versus not working out at all. However, it is important to remember to be easy on yourself and give yourself some grace. The most important thing is to just begin to slowly incorporate exercise back into your routine and to make sure that it is an activity that you enjoy and you know will lift your spirits and encourage you. 

The first step is to make it a priority one or two days a week to move your body. By only telling yourself that you only need to work out a few times a week allows you to set achievable goals for yourself and that can ensure some confidence in you. Once you have successfully completed one or two workouts for a few weeks, you can then move onto the next step. 

The next step would be to raise the number of days of working out each week. Try to continue to keep one or two of your weekly workouts some activity that is more fun for you to do. Then the other two days you can try and implement some cardio, which could consist of even just walking outside for an hour or so. I know that for me walking with my dog is not only good for my physical health, it can also help my mental health as well to get outside and get some fresh air. 

Once you have been achieving a steady routine again you are theoretically there, being back on your workout routine. However, just because you have achieved a few weeks of your routine back together does not necessarily mean that you will always continue it forever. So, what is important to realize is that by incorporating exciting and new exercises it will keep you engaged and keep your body moving. 

Another tip from personal experience would be to find a workout accountability partner that maybe is at the same place as you or someone to even push you a little bit more. I personally think that sometimes going to the gym can be much more enjoyable with a friend.

At the end of the day we are all human and we all go through different phases in our lives. So one phase might mean working out everyday and being the most fit you have ever been, and the next phase could look like you focusing on other hobbies or passions or even just having to focus more on school. Sometimes it is okay to take a step back from working out and place your focus elsewhere, but also remember that working out can be one of the best forms of supporting your mental health and that is also very important!  

Caroline is senior at Siena College. She is an Accounting major with an Information Systems minor. She enjoys hanging out with friends, traveling, going to the beach or lake. She also enjoys finding the best local restaurants in Boston and exploring the city.
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