Goodbye Siena, Thank You

Dear Siena,

Thank Siena, for accepting these amazing people onto your campus. As the end of my four years at this beautiful school quickly approaches, I find myself reminiscing. From the minute I pulled up in front of Hines Hall and saw a swarm of people in yellow shirts screaming, I knew this would be the best decision I have made in my life so far. They unpacked my car and brought it all up to my room (I didn’t have to do anything). I really enjoyed that I did not have to carry all that up to the third floor. Unfortunately, I sort of thought it was going to happen again sophomore year...sadly no, I had to carry all of my things to the fourth floor. Moving to Siena, I was a little nervous. I have never been without my parents for a long period of time or shared a room with someone before. Except for the summertime when I have shared a room with my cousins on family vacations at the family lake house. Other than that it was just overnight sleepovers. Thankfully, my roommate from freshman year to senior year was one of my best friends from home. During orientation, I met so many wonderful people and even two who have become my forever friends. During my freshman year, I was still dealing with my shyness and the size of this school compared my high school where I knew everyone. I ended up joining a few clubs and really enjoyed being a part of them. From sophomore year till now, I have been writing for Her Campus. I am thankful to Siena's Her Campus chapter for giving me the opportunity to be a part of a club that allows me to escape the stress of everyday school work and express my thoughts. All the women in this group are so brilliant and lovely. Sincerely, words cannot express how grateful I am.

Thank you Siena for all of the friendships I've had the opportunity to make here. It seems that as each semester goes by I’m always finding new people. I have to say, “How have we not met sooner?” but even if I’m just meeting them now, I know our friendship will last. Thank you to the professors that assigned seats and partners for projects, because sometimes you connect with them and if it weren't for the seating arrangement or the project, you’d probably never meet. I am so blessed to have such an amazing group of friends here at Siena and the ones who I was closer with earlier on. I will always treasure the people I have met and connected with here. Thank you Siena for helping me finish my bridesmaid chart.

Thank you Siena for being there through every success and every failure. You helped me find the right career path for me...even if it took me a try or two. I came here with the ambition to be a Physical Therapist then switched to become a psychologist at the VA to finally a School Psychologist. When I was struggling with school, you helped me with one on one tutoring, group sessions and talking it out with an advisor on what the right path for me is. You made me feel like there was someone to help me through my struggles and get me on the right path to be able to graduate on time. I am beyond grateful for it.

Thank you for giving me a clean slate and allowing me to come to terms with the fact that it does not matter what people think about me. As long as I am happy and like myself that is all that matters. Thank you for allowing me to meet people with the same interests as me and making it easier to not hide myself from the world. Ever since middle school, I have tried to fit in with the majority to avoid being picked on...even though I was only picked on once for an outfit choice. But ever since then I tried to stay true to myself while also going with the crowd. Since coming here, I have come to the conclusion that dwelling on the opinions of others in regards to myself will not do good for myself, for this is my life and not theirs. If I’m happy with life, that is all that matters. I have strong bonds of friendship at Siena and back home. I have reconnected with God and religion while being here and with Him watching over me, there is nothing I cannot accomplish. I stopped caring what others think or may say but rather think: Do I enjoy this? Am I happy? So I kick a boot to those who disapprove of my style and a ‘bless your heart’ to those that are like me and love me for me.

Ultimately, Siena, I am leaving you in May. I am happy to see what is in store for me next; however, my heart tremors, as I do not want to leave all the amazing people I have met here. But you will always be in my heart. You were my home away from home, but now it is my time to go out into the real world. You gave me both an education and the memories of a lifetime. I will always treasure my time here at Siena.

Goodbye Siena. I will always love you.

Images Courtesy of Author