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Five Ways to Keep in Touch With Your Homies

Staying in touch with friends isn’t always the easiest thing, but now it’s more important than ever! Whether you’re away at school or at home, being there for your friends even when you can’t see them in person, can make all the difference. Here are five ways to help make it a little easier.

Try Out Netflix Party

Netflix Party is a browser you install into Google Chrome, and it’s completely free. Once you’ve downloaded it, you’re able to go into your netlfix account, choose a movie or TV show, and share the link with your buddies so you can watch it together! Using Netlfix Party takes all the hassle out of trying to synchonize your screens, this automatically allows you all to watch it in real time completely synchoronized. There’s even a chat box on the side where you can discuss any shocking plot twists or maybe even a particularly attractive actor/actress that’s come into view…

Give Them a Call

During times like these, dont under-estimate the importance of an “old-fashioned” phone call! Talk about your days, what’s the latest in the news, or anything random that pops in your head. Ask them how they’re doing, like how they’re REALLY doing. I know texting is a lot easier but it means so much to someone when you pick up the phone and actually take time out of your day to speak to them! It doesn’t even have to be a long call, just a quick chat on your walk to class or leaving a voicemail to let them know you’re on their mind.

Zoom Chat 

Now I know what you’re thinking, “I only use this for my classes,” but you can use this with your friends too! Get a few of your friends together and hang out over on Zoom. It can be as simple as setting up a weekly call and scheduling time with one another to catch up “face to face.” You can also use Zoom to host a book club, help each other study, or share your screen to play a game of kahoot. 

Write Them a Letter

Sometimes it’s nice to just sit down to write out and send a letter to a friend, even better to recieve one! The best part about letters is you can get as creative as you’d like. You can decorate the envelope in any way you like, just as long as their address is correct and legible. You could even add a photo or two, an article you cut out that reminded you of them, or stickers! You can also always try looking some ideas up on Pinterest if nothing comes to mind. There is there is truly nothing better than the thrill of seeing something in the mailbox with your name on it, especially from someone you care about!

Make an Apple Music or Spotify Playlist Together 

Create an Apple Music or Spotify playlist for a friend! Fill it with songs that make you happy, excited, relaxed, and add some that make you think of each other! Now when you can’t reach one another, you can listen to each other’s playlists and know that your friend is there for you even when you can’t hear or see them.

Make sure your friends know that you’re there for them, no matter what form that may be in. In the crazy state of the world we’re living in, it’s good to know you have people you can count on.

Emma Henderson is currently a senior at Siena College. She is a communications major studying journalism with a writing minor. She hopes to be the next Carrie Bradshaw one day, writing for a fashion magazine, or becoming a YA author. In her free time she loves to read and she is obsessed with all things strawberries, sunflowers, and succulents. IG: @emchenderson
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