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Five Things You May Not Know About Siena (BUT SHOULD)

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Siena chapter.

Now that I am halfway through my junior year at Siena College I have realized there are many things I have discovered. As a freshman, I had no idea about all of the opportunities that Siena had to offer and the secret little perks, but I wish I had! So, here are a few of my favorite discoveries at Siena, thus far, so you can enjoy them too.

1. I’ll start with my absolute favorite: ROOTS CAFÉ.

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Roots Cafe is a lunch that includes organic, local, and/or fair trade food and ingredients and always has a vegetarian option for one meal swipe. It is served straight to your table by student volunteers and is sponsored by the Women’s Center. Grab a group of friends every Wednesday during free period and make your way across Thompson Trail to Massry Dining Hall (I promise the walk is worth it). Now, sometimes you may be hesitant with what they are providing that day, but I swear no matter what it is, it is delicious! The most recent Roots meal was a Chef Soup Off with four different soups!

 2. Janna Neitzel – Siena’s Dietitian

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Janna is the one who oversees the food available on campus and makes sure that there are options for different dietary needs, from food allergies to vegan/vegetarian options. She does one-on-one counseling with any students who seek nutrition advice, whether that be to eat healthier or you have a medical condition.

To get in touch with Janna, she is available via phone and email and her office is located in the downstairs of Lonnstrom dining hall.

Phone: 518-783-2513, email: jneitzel@siena.edu

3. 3D Printers- Stack Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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You may be wondering why a 3D printer is something I wish I had known about as a freshman, but it has actually come in handy many times. The Stack Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is located in Siena Hall 219 and welcomes all majors for help with a business idea or even finding internships. It also has three 3D printers that anyone can use! I’ve seen people make prosthetic hands or even small animal figures.

As much as I would love to make prosthetic hands, the things I have used the 3D printer for are much simpler. When I did not have a car on campus and needed to do Secret Santa, I would print ornaments for a tree. As a broke college student traveling abroad, I wanted to bring my GoPro, but did not want to spend $50 on a tripod so I printed one. The ideas are endless!

And if you do not know how to use them, there is always a student in there who would love to help you out.

4. Tutoring

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Tutoring. This does not sound as exciting as the other things I have mentioned so far, but it is beneficial! I came into Siena as a biology major. I know what you are thinking. Yes, I struggled. I would not have passed my freshman year classes if it was not for tutoring. There are group tutoring sessions for almost all introductory classes led by peer tutors.

If you are still struggling after attending two group sessions, students may request an individual session by filling out a tutor request form. There is no shame in requesting a tutor! I did and it helped me boost my grade significantly! Just ask your professor about tutoring and they can inform you on when sessions are available.

Also, if you excel in a subject, try and become a tutor! It improves your skills and you can make some cash on the side!

5. SienaSERVES

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Now I may have lied when I said Roots Café was my favorite. One of the greatest things about Siena is how dedicated it is to volunteer work. I was lucky enough to have found out about the SienaSERVES program by a friend my sophomore year. Study abroad was not right for me, but this program was for many reasons.

The trips are only a week long and you get to travel abroad and help those who need it most. Through this program, I have traveled to Nicaragua and Jamaica, and there is also a trip to Haiti as well. This experience changed my life and I met many amazing Siena students who are also passionate about service as well.

If you are looking to apply or have any questions, go see Judy Dougherty or Kara James in the Franciscan Center located in the Chapel connected to Hines Hall.

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Julia Parks is a Siena College Class of 2019 alumna. During her time at Siena, she studied Psychology.