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The First Day of Classes as told by Harry Potter

It’s the first day of classes Saints! And with Albus Potter’s first day of Hogwarts already done and gone, we thought we’d show how the first day of classes will go, as told by the Harry Potter characters.


Waking up for your 8 am


Having to listen to all your classmates introduce themselves and say their “fun” facts


Listening to what all your classmates did over the summer


Drowning in all your syllabuses and handouts


Seeing all the work you have to do over the semester


Opening your textbooks

Nope. Not happening today.


Realizing everything you forgot at home

“Can we find all of this at Walmart??”

Seeing your friends you haven’t see in FOREVER (okay, since last semester, but still!)


Being with all your friends again


Seeing a cute person in the dining hall


Preparing for the weekend


Realizing there’s only four days of classes this week


We hope you have a great first day of classes, Saints! Be sure to check @HerCampusSiena during the semester for more entertaining content!


Emily is a triple-major in Political Science, Philosophy, and a self-designed interdisciplinary major in Gender and Sexuality Theory and Activism. Her future career aspirations include working for a feminist organization and fighting for equality for all. 
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