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Finals Tips and Tricks

With final exams here, it’s time amp up your study routine. Studying (althogh may seem difficult at times ) helps students do everything they can to ace an impactfull exam to tackling tough homework assignments. Some tips to aid in this process are included below.

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Be the Explainer

Explaining something to someone else is one of the best ways to determine what you solidified in your memory, what you need to take a second look at.

Study with Someone

Have a friend make a study sheet for the final exam separately, then get together after you both are done and review the topics together. That way you are less likely to miss something.

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Turn the TV Off and the Music On.

Music can help you focus IF you pick the right songs. Forget brand new albums or your favorite songs that might break your conentration when you need to study. Instead, listen to music you already know all the words to, but don't feel compelled to sing along. 

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Read it. Write it. Say it.

Go through your notes and pull out the key points by reading them, re-writing them, then saying them out loud. This method really helps some students commit facts to memory.

There are many things you can do to prepare for exams, but the most important thing is the final outcome!