Fall Essentials

Fall is my favorite time of the year. It’s the time of warm coffees and sweaters. I love Fall and I wish it could be Fall for the whole year. I made a list of Fall essentials ranging from clothes to shoes to jewlery to makeup and house/room decor. (Check out my other article :) on Fall drinks too). Below are some of my top picks for Fall essentials and the links to get them are provided!


Clothing in Fall comes in sooo many varieties. There are so many things to choose from and decide on. I personally love sweaters and warm cozy things. I also love booties - I think you can really wear them with just about anything. Having options is what I love about Fall clothing, it makes me feel less stressed when shopping and picking out my outfits.


  • This open front cardigan from Banana Republic can be dressed up or down for just about any occasion. - $30
  • This one from Vencano comes in three colors and you'll be so warm! - $18
  • I love a maroon color one from American Eagle! I have so many kinds of clothing in it. - $24


  • How cute are sweaters that have multiple colors on them!? This one from Bellelily comes in a few different color options too. - $26

  • A neutral color is always a good sweater option to have like this one from ASOS. - $35

  • Here is another neutral colored sweater from Old Navy. - $40


A Tote Bag

  • A nude tote bag from Kate Spade will be able to hold all of the items you may need (like extra sweaters in case you get cold in the Fall). - $89
  • A deeper color is alwasy great to have too and you can get it at Banana Republic... options remember! - $67

A Scarf

  • A chonky scarf from Gap is a great addition to Fall outfits - with the added benefit of keeping you warm. - $30


  • Fall earrings from Etsy... I think yes! - $6
  • Bracelets from Shein add a great touch to Fall outfits also. - $3

Carmen Lopez Carmen Lopez / Unsplash

Fuzzy Socks

  • I love fuzzy socks and these ones from Natural Life have the added benefit of being so fricken adorable! - $10

Home/Room Decor

I love to decorate my house and my room in the Fall (and any other season). I just love to look at decorations and shop for them and decide what will end up going where in my house or my room. I like items that are simple, yet bring a lot into the room and draw attention to where you want it.

Fall Scented Candles

  • Pumpkin and vanilla from Bath and Body Works... I'll take 10 please! - $15
  • This one from Colonial Candle not only smells great but the lable is adorable! - $7

pumpkin and mug with coffee grounds Photo by Jessica Lewis from Pexels

Pumpkins (in any form)

  • This pumpkin pillow from Jubilee Gift Shop would look so cute on any couch or chair. - $40

  • This decoration from Oriental Trading can stay up all fall, not just around Thanksgiving. - $10

Leaf Garland

Warm Blankets

  • This chonky knit blanket from Metfine keeps me soooo warm and its really soft. -$60
  • I think cable knit blankets from Boll and Branch are so adorable and add the perfect touch to the end of any bed or couch. -$125


There are so many options when it comes to makeup during the Fall - and really any other time of the year too. I think during the Fall there are a lot of darker shades that emerge, but neutral ones are great for fall too.


  • This eyeshadow pallet from BH Cosmetics has shades from neutral to dark and offers the perfect selection and options to match any fall look. - $14
  • This pallet from Morphe has more of what you would consider to be "Fall colors" that range from browns to oranges and yellows. - $16

Original Illustration Designed in Canva for Her Campus Media


  • This lipstick is a bright red from Macy's that feels like you aren't even wearing any lipstick at all. - $25

  • This lipstick is a deeper red from NYX Cosmetics that can be paired with just about any fall outfit. - $7

  • This lipgloss from Ulta literally has pumpkin in it's name... how more fall could you get. - $22

I think everyone likes Fall, whether it be because of the chiche apple picking pictures or the pumpkin flavored drinks or just the weather. Fall is such a pretty time of year with all of the leaves changing colors. I love it! I hope you found some inspiration for your fall outfits and decorating!