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Dan Mitru ’20 – RA in Hennepin Hall and Service Trip Participant

A sophomore at Siena College, New Jersey native Dan Mitru majors in marketing and finds himself taking full advantage of all that Siena has to offer.

Her Campus Siena: What is your favorite spot on campus?

Dan Mitru: Although I enjoy being on Siena’s campus in general, a specific spot that stands out to me is the Grotto, because when the semester gets busy, it’s a great place to reflect and pray. The Grotto is an environment where I think many students find comfort, and is always the first place I go to when I feel that I need to pull myself away from the hustle and bustle of the main campus. 

HCS: What are you involved in around campus? 

DM: I am an RA in Hennepin Hall, I also play trumpet in the Pep Band and I am a member of the Marketing Association. When I don’t have too much homework, or I don’t have duty, I enjoy checking out sporting events and spending time with friends both on and off campus.

Image Courtesy of the Siena College Franciscan Center for Service and Advocacy/Instagram

HCS: What advice do you have for students looking to get involved?

DM: I think attending club fair is something that could really benefit students looking to get involved. When I came to Siena, I had an open mind and signed up for any of the clubs that I was remotely interested in. I think that being open to new things on this campus is a necessity, as there are so many unique opportunities. It can’t hurt to have your inbox spammed with club notifications, so it’s up to you to try the things that fascinate you. As I always say, “Don’t knock it until you try it.”

HCS: What has been your favorite experience while attending Siena so far?

DM: By far, my favorite experience that I have had with Siena so far has been my trip to Nicaragua. When I went on this trip, I had the opportunity to reach out to my fellow students as well as people in a foreign country. What really stood out to me on this trip was my ability to make connections with new people while also learning so much about a beautiful culture I would have otherwise never known about.

HCS: Who are your role models on campus?

DM: I’d say my MRA Erik Reidel has been one of my biggest role models on campus. He’s always willing to go out of his way for our staff in Hennepin and his work ethic is contagious in the best way. 

Another individual that I look up to both on and off campus is my cousin, Thom Schlinck. All my life, Thom has always been a great person to be around, no matter what we would be doing. From watching football games, to chatting with our relatives, to playing Mario Kart, Thom and I are very close. As we transitioned to life on campus, Thom never hesitated to offer help or advice to myself and those around him. He also extended an invitation for his friends to refer to me as “Cousin Dan,” which is a name I still answer to, even today. Thom is also one of the most selfless people I know, and truly embodies what it means to be a Siena Saint.

I also look up to my freshman year RA, Dan Heslin, who is now one of my closest friends. Dan has been there for me, literally, since my freshman year move-in day, where we discovered we have the same sense of humor. To no one’s surprise, we’ve become almost brothers since – so much so, that my mother treats him as one of her own! He’s helped me tremendously throughout my time at Siena, and has influenced me in my decision to become an RA and a role model to my residents, myself.

HCS: What has been the most rewarding part of being an RA?

DM: I think that being an RA has given me the chance to make a difference on Siena’s campus both in my building and among my residents. Helping individuals first-hand has been something I will never forget. Being an RA also gives me the chance to make lasting connections with the people on my staff, not to mention the opportunity to develop professional and career-related skills.

Image Courtesy of Dan Mitru/Facebook

HCS: How did you know Siena was the place for you?

DM: Being on Siena’s campus felt like being at home. I had already known a lot about the school, as some of my family members have gone to Siena before me, and hearing about the impact that a Franciscan education has had on their lives has influenced me to come to check out, and eventually fall in love with, Siena College.

HCS: What advice do you have for students that have siblings on campus?

DM: Good luck! Just kidding, but in all honesty, just embrace the experience. Although it may be weird at first, having someone to depend on no matter what, has really stood out to me, even if your siblings have been by your side for your whole life. Having my sister, Kiera Mitru, on campus has allowed me to realize more about her, as well as the role we play in each others’ lives as brother and sister.

Image Courtesy of Kiera Mitru/Instagram

HCS: What are you looking forward to most in 2018?

DM: I am, for sure, anticipating taking advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead of me, and “living in the now.” I am excited to continue my career as an RA and to finish out my Sophomore year strong.

As Dan’s sister and the author of this article, I can attest that Dan keeps to himself a lot – and often, is “a man of few words,” as they say. Over the 18 years that I have known him, it has been an honor to get to understand that sometimes, communication isn’t about the quantity of the words you share, but the quality of the words you share. Dan is a quality brother, and I am so lucky to have a role model like him in my life!

Image Courtesy of Devon Geelan

Thumbnail Image Source: Devon Geelan

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