Chorus: An Underrated Class at Siena College

Wait what? Any student can take chorus at Siena for credit? The answer is yes! Chorus is offered three days a week from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. What makes taking chorus so nice is that you can take the class for 0-3 credits per academic year. That means you can choose how many credits you want to take the class for.

In chorus here at Siena, we sing a wide variety of music. Learning the discipline of music through singing and learning how to read music has allowed me to grow and become competent in a new skill. As a group, we perform concerts on-campus and off-campus. I enjoy the concerts we have off-campus. It gives our group an opportunity to perform in a setting unfamiliar to us. It challenges myself and the rest of the chorus to adapt to a new vocal environment.    

Personally, I joined chorus because I was involved throughout high school and wanted to continue pursuing this fun activity. Singing makes me feel empowered to make music with other determined students at college. Being a part of chorus has changed me for the better. I have made so many new friends, who I would not have known if it wasn’t for singing in chorus. Not everyone has to be a Creative Arts major in order to be apart of chorus. In fact, there are only two creative arts majors in my Chamber Singers class.

    Everyday, after I leave chorus, I feel inspired to achieve something extraordinary. The chorus professor here at Siena, Dr. Reno, always makes students, including myself, feel more in tune with the music by allowing us to envision what the music means to us. A couple weeks ago in class, he asked the class to visualize a hobby, a person or a place we love. This exercise allowed us to envision another passion of ours, and let it transpire into the music we were creating. Trust me, if you’re looking for a fun, yet challenging class, I highly recommend taking chorus.