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Already Stressed From School? Read This

It’s only been a few weeks since winter break, but that seems so far away already. You go from having an entire month free of homework, projects, presentations, and exams just to go right back to it all (even though you hoped the professors would understand you aren't ready to do homework again). Syllabus week is also kind of a scam once you’re past freshman year, because now your professors want to dive into teaching and homework since you’re “used to it." 

School has definitely already become stressful for me and if you’re feeling the same way, here are some tips to relieve that stress.


1. Have a “Me” Night.



One of the most important things about college is making time for yourself. You’re always around other people whether in class, at the dining hall, playing sports, etc., so it’s very important to get away from everyone from time to time and relax by yourself. Do a face mask and binge watch your favorite Netflix show, paint your nails, read a book you're interested in, watch cute puppy videos, or anything else you like doing!

2. Have a Hang Sesh with Your Friends.



“Me time” is definitely important, but it’s just as important to hang out with your friends! Surround yourself with positive people who make you laugh and forget about your stressful life, even if it’s just for a moment! It’s also great having people to talk to about your stress with, and it can be relieving after a good rant session to friends.

3. Go to the Gym.


This is something that my roommate and I have been trying this semester, and it seems to be working! Anytime we feel stressed out, we go to the gym for at least an hour and release all the stress we had. Working out gets your adrenaline pumping and can help make you feel more relaxed when you’re done. It can also make you more tired so you can sleep better at night!

4. Clean Your Dorm.


Stress cleaning is honestly one of my favorite things to do. It may sound weird but cleaning up and organizing your dorm can give you a better work environment, especially if you’re a little OCD like I am. Making your bed in the morning can also help you feel more accomplished and can help you start your day right.

5. Listen to Calming Music While Studying.


Pull up some peaceful piano or spa music on Spotify and get that bread, ladies. Besides calming you down while studying, you’ll also be more productive with your time since you won’t be tempted to sing along to songs on your normal playlists.

6. Get Off Campus.


Sometimes you just need to get away from your work, all the stress, all the people, and do something fun. Grab some delicious food, go see a movie, walk around the mall, go bowling - anything to get you off campus and doing something you enjoy.

College can be very stressful at times (or all the time) but these tips have helped me and hopefully they will help you too!