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As the school year begins, we’re reminded that summer is over and soon we will all be freezing. However, autumn is still a pretty season and is the beginning of the holiday and cuddling seasons. So grab your loved one and enjoy the outdoors before it gets too cold with these cute for date night this fall!

1) Have a picnic

Go to the park, spread out a blanket, eat homemade sandwiches, or pick up Subway/tacos/Chinese food/etc. Enjoy each other’s company, play on the playground like kids, play Frisbee, point out shapes in the clouds, or even go fishing.

2) Go to a sports event

Yeah, you can do this during any season, but, in fall, you can cheer on your school by going to a football game with your bae. This can also be done in exchange of doing something together that you like to do, unless you’re really into sports as well.  


3) Go on a hike

Get one last hike in for the year and enjoy the fall foliage from the top of the mountains! A Siena favorite is Thatcher Park, located about 30 minutes from campus. Take some time out of your weekend to take in the beautiful shades of fall foliage.

4) Sit by a fire and roast marshmallows

Sit by the nice warm fire while roasting marshmallows or even hot dog weenies. You can snuggle up next to each other on a bench, chair, tailgate, or log. Stargaze while enjoying each other’s company. Hold hands, put your arm around each other, and kiss!

5) Go apple or pumpkin picking 

Go to an apple orchard together, take an artsy pic of the two of you for your Instagram. Eat your apples and get fresh apple cider donuts or apple cider. Pick out a nice pumpkin to carve together!

6) Check out haunted attractions

Enjoy the spirit of the Halloween season by getting spooked at a haunted house, maze, or hayride together.  Double M is a popular destination among Siena students, and they offer discounts earlier on in the season.

7) Go to Halloween parties

Get a cute couples costume to wear to the party you’re both either attending or hosting.  

8) Have dinner and see a movie

Go to a nice restaurant, sit outside, and watch the sun set as you eat. Then head to a late movie or the drive-ins, and hold hands or put your arms around each other during it.  

9) “Netflix and Chill”

As fall begins and summer ends, the cold weather comes as well, which mean it’s perfect weather to stay in and cuddle under a big blanket. Binge TV shows or watch movies together without the heat making you all hot and sweaty.  

10) Do some baking

I mean, who doesn’t love food, especially baked goods and desserts? You and bae can bake apple pie, pumpkin pie, banana/apple/pumpkin breads, cookies, cupcakes, brownies, cake, apple crumble, or apple fritters..  


Do things that you both like and then compromise! One night, do what you like, and the next night, do what they like to do. Love each other, have fun, and enjoy each other’s company.

Katey is on her fourth year at Siena College as a psychology major. Her plans are to go grad school and get her masters in School Psychology. Katey enjoys spending time with friends, family and her pets. She is always ready for an adventure. Favorite things are summer, fall, Disney, country, horses, dogs, cats, frogs and food. 
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