My “Getting Healthy” Tips and Tricks


My “Getting Healthy” Tips and Tricks

Getting healthy or losing weight can sometimes feel overwhelming, it can also be somewhat time consuming. When you are a full-time college student, time is something you don’t have much of. It can be difficult just to find the time to go grocery shopping let alone try to sneak in a quick workout.


Since I do not always have the time to go to the gym or the money to spend on healthy foods, I am always looking for new ways to get healthy and stay fit. It took me a long time to come up with my own workout routine that worked best for me and the healthy food options that I actually enjoyed. So here are some of my "Getting Healthy" tips and tricks, these are things I found to be helpful for me during my weight-loss journey!



1. Drink More Water— When I first started losing weight I bought a 32-pack of water bottles from the grocery store almost every week. I put them in my fridge and drank them throughout the day. I personally think if you have water right there in front of you, every time you open your fridge you are more likely to drink it. Also, if you don't like drinking straight water you can always buy some low calorie flavor packets or some lemon juice to zest it up a bit!


2. Get Rid of the Bad Stuff— Take a few minutes out of your day and go through your fridge and cabinets, throw away or donate all the food that you know is not good for you. Don't let those unhealthy snacks tempt you! (Out of sight out of mind) 


3. Surround Yourself with the Good Stuff— The next time you go grocery shopping try stocking up on fruits and vegetables. During the fall and winter months it can be hard to buy fresh fruits and vegetables but take a walk around the produce section and try something that you have never tried before. If you can’t find anything interesting, you can always stock up on foods such as carrots, celery, apples and oranges.


4. Buy Cute Workout Gear— This might sound silly but it's true! I love shopping, especially for workout gear. Workout clothes are so bright and comfortable; they are hard to resist. Splurge on a new pair of sneakers or maybe a nice pair of yoga pants, I am always up for a good workout especially if I'm looking cute doing it! 


5. Set Small Goals— Instead of setting a large goal for yourself, try setting smaller ones. Such as five pounds here or eight pounds there. Losing weight takes time and it should. When you set these smaller goals it makes the process feel a little less daunting.


6. Start Small and Work Your Way Up— When you first decide that you want to lose weight or get healthy, do not make yourself run six miles everyday. Think baby steps! Start by going on a one mile walk then work your way up. Maybe, throw in some jumping jacks or sit-ups as time goes on, that way you don’t get too tired or worn out.


7. Eat a Salad a Day— Trust me. This is the secret (along with that one mile walk, of course). One salad a day for lunch or dinner was one of the things that helped me lose weight. Buy some roman lettuce wedges or baby spinach, chop it up and put it in a container in your fridge. Fresh lettuce sometimes lasts longer than the kind bought in a bag and it is also cheaper. Top your salad with grilled chicken or popcorn chicken along with some chopped up fruits or nuts and you’re good to go. There are so many different things you can put into a salad to dress it up, so try and be creative with it!


8. Get Busy— Now I don't mean this in an inappropriate way but in a beneficial way. Try doing chores around the house, get organized, find a new hobby, visit a new place, or go hiking! Try something new and get busy with it.

9. Get Inspired—Find some fitness inspiration on "Pinterest", health blogs, "Instagram" or even "YouTube". It's not hard to find inspiration, I can find it just about anywhere! There are so many people out there with inspiring stories.


10. Create Small Daily Workouts— Every night before bed or when you wake up, try doing some quick workouts to get your body going. Maybe a few push-ups or sit-ups along with some jumping jacks. Whether it was a workout day or a rest day, try to always incorporate those small workouts!