Growing Up a “Tomboy”

I grew up with two brothers, watching Pokemon, Digimon, and Dragon Ball Z, and playing soccer and wrestling with them (and kicking their butts, thank you). However, I also loved Sailor Moon and Mary-Kate and Ashley and baked using my Easy-Bake Oven. But, to this day, I still don’t know how to do my makeup; jeans are my version of “dressing up;” and I curse like a sailor (whatever that means). So here’s a list of how I react to comments today because I grew up as a tomboy.


“You would be really pretty if you just tried.”

So, what? I’m ugly? Apparently, a shower and a comb don’t count as “trying.”

I’m sorry, but at 7 a.m., I can barely get out of bed. Just be happy I found my toothbrush, let alone my concealer, foundation, mascara, eyeliner and whatever else “makes me pretty.”


“OMG you look so good today. Who are you trying to impress?”

The one day I did make an effort to dress nicely, put crap on my face, and do my hair, the only reasons I can have for doing so are having a date, an interview, or a presentation.

I just can’t win.


“You understand sports?!”

You don’t need the “Y” chromosome to understand, watch, or play sports. You just don’t. I love football, hockey, basketball, soccer AND I have boobs. Go figure!


“You probably just watch sports to stare at hot guys.”

Oh, I’m sorry. Is it not okay to think Tom Brady is hot as hell, as well as one of the best quarterbacks of all time? Let’s be honest, it’s not like everyone watches Victoria Secret fashion shows for the “clothes.”


You are a good player…for a girl.”

No. Just no.


Wow! You really know how to eat.

Do guys ever hear this?

Food is my life. I refuse to apologize for my appetite and my love of food. While most people think about sex or school or real world problems, I dream and obsess about food. Now, if you enjoy a salad then that’s good for you. I don’t judge. But give me and burger and fries any day. I shouldn’t have to feel insecure or less of a woman because I eat.  


“You should wear your hair down more often.”

Yeah or we could just staple hay to my forehead and have it stick to my eyes and lips. Ponytails and messy buns are life. The only person I’m seeing is my laptop.  


You probably intimidate all the boys.

And their friends, and family, and the cat curled up in the corner. I am direct, assertive, and honest. Almost verging on rude and obnoxious, so three words: DEAL WITH IT.



Ladies don’t curse.”

I feel constantly judged by people with double standards for cursing and crude language. It’s normal if guys do it, but god forbid a girl even knows one of those dreaded four letter gems.


“You never fell for fairytales?!”

There are only two kinds of women: the beautiful and good one and the ugly and evil one.

Trust me, no one is ever just one. We all fall somewhere in the middle.

The prince is the hero and savior.

What if I want to be my own hero? What if I want a female to be the hero? Give me Amy Schumer or Melissa McCarthy over Sleeping Beauty any time.

While fairytales have their place in our childhood experiences, and definitely have some value, we need to raise our girls to be confident, independent, and powerful.


“Dude” and “Bro”

They just express you in ways babe and BFFL never will.



I really don’t know if I even qualify as a ”lady,” but I am a kickass woman. I am probably 70% masculine and 30% feminine, but I am totally at peace with that. I think while we worry about the bigger issues of feminism we often forget the subtle, everyday things that unknowingly reinforce stereotypes and create unnecessary schisms between men and women.