Women and Flowers

Photo by: LaShauna Bell

All across SFA, Azaleas are blooming in full. The soft pink petals line walkways and greet students on their way to and from class. They are a symbol of softness and femininity. Flowers are often seen as feminine things because they are delicate. However, I think that the flora in our lives are a testament to the duality of what it is to be a woman. Yes: the petals and leaves are delicate to touch, but flowers have complex systems that turn storms of rain and flashes of sunlight into nourishment. Flowers can feed themselves. 

Flowers are natural and wild, beautiful in all colors and sizes. Their roots can split stone. They are strong. The Amaryllis stands for strength and determination because they are tall and sturdy. They are smart. Sunflowers tilt their gold and onyx faces to the sky to stay alive, the Orchid Cactus sleeps at night and opens during the day. The Venus Fly Trap broke the mold and bit into insects to quench its cravings. Flowers are more than a pretty thing to look at pluck for personal gain. Women are more than what they appear. Each one blooms and grows in a unique way. When you walk past a woman or one of the Azaleas on your way to class, remember not to take everything at face value. Just because we look soft, doesn’t mean we aren’t so much more.