Why Can't I

Why can't I

say what I want

as If what I want affects the people around me

and my wants don’t matter.

Why can’t I

say what I like

afraid to say the shows that I watch on a Monday night

afraid that

people will judge me for my taste in shows

Why do I

Change how I dress

to be seen as attractive

in someone else’s eyes?

Why do I

pretend I’m not passionate about something

worried they will not approve

Why do I

have 5 different accounts

for 5 different groups of people

for things that I can and cannot say

and things that I can and cannot do

and things that I can and cannot say

around those people.

Why do I

lie about the type of music I like

to fit in with the people who look like me

as If my tastes in music make me less than?

Why do I

hide what I’m doing

so afraid they will ask questions

that I will have to lie about

Why can’t I

ever be 100 percent who I am

Why can’t I

say what I want

say what I like

Say how I feel

and do what I want

Why do I allow

the people around me to control me

and keep me from reaching my full potential

keep me from following my passions,

from trying my interests

and keep me from dancing to my own tune.

Why do I?

Why can’t I?