Where She Should Be

Music plays softly behind them. They gently sway side to side, the rhythm guiding their hips. She can feel his lips lingering near her ear. Chills glide down her spine like cold water on a summer day. Feverish, she lowers her head to his chest. With her eyes closed, she can hear his heart beating through his T-shirt. His arms tighten around her. She is pulled closer. The strength in his arms is like nothing she has ever known before, and it makes her feel more than safe, more than comfortable. 


She lifts her head and adjusts her nose to the crook of his neck. His scent reminds her of misty rain on a quiet Sunday morning. The smooth sounds of guitar and piano pick up their pace and he releases her. Eyes still shut, she spins letting the wind take control. Defying gravity, her feet lightly lift from beneath her. Above everything, she continues to twirl. Her heart swells with love. It's as if time has slowed down, and she floats as aimlessly as a cloud. She is where she should be forever.