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What You Need to Know About “The BIG Event” at SFA

The Big Event is the largest day of community service, and it strives to promote unity between the Stephen F. Austin State University students and the Nacogdoches community by the renovation of residential homes.

         The Big Event is a university sponsored organization, that has existed for nine years here at SFA. However, in the past three years this organization has experienced huge growth of student involvement and community support. On April 14, 2018, students expressed gratitude to their community by signing up to participate in this annual event. 

In an interview with Shelby Hearn, the Student Director of Public Relations, she said “I was a freshman, and the advisor of the Big Event presented to my class. I thought to myself, I love service and I love helping people, so I signed up and the rest is history.” 

         The BIG Event projects are usually local homes, but small businesses and churches are more than welcome to file a service request. The morning of the event, kicks off with a celebration. There is music, breakfast, Monster Energy drinks, a live DJ, and our Mayor Brophy and Dr. Adam Peck gave speeches.

The students and volunteers are split into groups and spread out to sites around the community and begin their projects. It is really a time for students to meet the people of Nacogdoches and give back. 

Hearn said “The really fun part is when the residents want to make lunch for the volunteers. We do spring checks and they are always asking about ways to make the students feel special too.” 

When Hearn reflected on her time as Student Director of Public Relations, she said “My favorite part is the day of the event. Seeing students giving back to the people, and the residents are so sweet and humbling.” 

To see more details on the impact of the Big Event, visit http://www.sfasu.edu/studentaffairs/441.asp


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